All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What did they do?

Well Ike seems to be fitting in well at Pittsburgh with hitting his second grand slam of the season. I just wish Mets management would have given him the chance this year. I still don't think Duda is the answer long term at first. I've been saying to my buddy who is a Pirates fan all along since the trade was announced that he'd turn it around. I just was hopeful it would have been with the Mets. Well so much for patience with the Wilpons.  

Also how bout these Mets. Exceeding my expectations so far. Yes I know the season is still young and a lot can happen. 

After busting some Gypsy Queen a few days ago it's time to start thinking about the next boxes to bust. Anyone have any recommendations?  We usually try to keep it around 70 a box so that limits us to products that have been released for awhile. 

Well goodnight and Let's Go Mets!!!!

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  1. How about Topps Archives? I enjoy their fan favorites autographs. I assume they'll probably be in the $50 to $70 range.