All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Saturday, April 19, 2014

TRADE: 2 by 3 Heroes and Gypsy Queen (2013)

Yesterday I received a nice little package from Jeff over at 2 x 3 Heroes.  His page was one that I stumbled upon through my buddies over at Bob Walk the Plank's.  I just happened to click on the link at the right time and he was doing a giveaway of some UD Starquest on 4/3.  The only catch was you had to be the first to comment on the post and email him stating you were claiming the cards and send him just one card that he wanted which in his list was a '13 GQ of Omar Infante.  Well I did just that being one of the cards in the giveaway was a Jose Reyes Ultra Rare un-common that I wanted to add to my Mets collection and the others were some nice cards that will probably be added to trade bait or a contest as well.   I also saw that he had an Alomar an Maine jersey card's in trade bait and asked what it would take for those as well.  Although, I felt kind of guilty sending just one card for six in return and dug through some of my 09 Ginter to see what I had that he wanted and sent him some of that as well.  Jeff was really easy to deal. So first off I'll show the giveaway and then I'll show off the extras that he sent and was surprised by all what he did send.  
The Give Away Loot
More Starquest
More Loot
Alomar Jersey

Thanks again Jeff for the awesome loot.  Well yesterday saw the departure of Ike Davis to the Pirates for basically nothing in return except for a minor league reliever and a player to be named later.  The way I found out was my buddy Matt texted me that the Pirates just acquired him. I really wish the Mets would have given him another chance this year as I do not think Duda is the answer at first long term.  Plus with the way the Mets luck has been on trading players he'll probably have a breakout year and make my stomach churn.  I really do hope he turns it around cause I liked the guy and from what the broadcasters were saying during the game he is a good guy all around.  Well later today I'm busting 2 boxes of '13 Gypsy Queen with my buddy Matt(Yes, the same one that texted me) over at Bob Walk the Plank and will be showing off the hits from my boxes.  Plus, I'm sure the whole Ike deal/ordeal will be brought up too in discussion.    

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