All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Group Break and Trade Bait

I went ahead and entered a random group break for 2014 Topps Museum with Cards Infinity and ended up getting the Brewers even though I was hoping for the Mets.  I would have been happy with the Yankees and Dodgers too being it looks like they have the most hits in the product.  Here are the hits I received and I also updated my trade bait with some of the stuff I have been meaning to.  Also, the Mets take on the Nationals again with Bartolo Colon toeing the rubber tonight against Gio Gonzalez.  Lets hope this off season acquisition pans out and the Mets can begin their quest to 90 wins.  LETS GO METS

Robin Yount Canvas Reprint

Aramis Ramirez Primary Pieces

Jean Segura Auto 

Rickie Weeks Primary Pieces


  1. Check out Tony runs a cool Brewers blog and would probably want that Yount.

  2. Hey man, welcome to blogging. Stop by my blog and check out my post of Mets trade bait -

    There might be something you like.