All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Saturday, April 19, 2014

More to come later

I'll be posting an update and probably be adding some trade bait later being I'll be opening 2 boxes of '13 Gypsy Queen.  The way my luck goes busting boxes lately I'll probably pull a Cozart or Cingrani auto.  It seems the past few boxes I busted one of those guys seems to be in each box.  Unfortunately they just follow me.  I guess there could be worse guys.

Also, I don't know what disaster happened with the previous post, but that sure is a site for sore eyes.  Hopefully this posts properly.

Well the Ike deal is interesting cause the stuff I'm hearing is that the player to be named later is the more significant piece of the deal and not reliever Zack Thornton.  Kinda curious to see who it is and how this turns out for Ike.  I'm sure he is relieved that this whole ordeal is over with.  Lets see if the Mets organization made the right choice/decision with this deal.  Well at least I'll get to see him and hear about him daily being he was traded to the local sports team the Pirates.

I personally don't like parting with him but what say you?

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