All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Monday, March 31, 2014


Good Morning, today is opening day and I can't wait to watch baseball on TV again.  I caught most of the Dodgers Padres game on watch ESPN while at work.  Unfortunately I will miss most of the early games being I work midnights so I will be heading to bed shortly, which is too bad being a bunch of friends are heading to a bar to catch opening day for the Pirates.  Even though I am a diehard Mets fan I will watch the Pirates being they are the local sports team.

Now to get on to opening day for the Mets and some expectations.  This off season saw some acquisitions of Chris Young and Curtis Granderson for the outfield and Bartolo Colon to the starting rotation.  Hopefully these don't backfire on the team like they have in the past free agent signings.  The talk of Sandy Alderson expecting 90 wins this year is a bit lofty, but I expect more in the 80 -85 W's this year being they haven't eclipsed 80 or more W's since 2008.  If things fall into place and they get a bit lucky then maybe they'll hit 90 W's this year.  I can't wait too see some of the prospects when they are brought up later this year.

The Mets opening day starter is Dillon Gee who has really turned it around since the second half of the 2013 season.  After starting the year with a 2-6 record he finished with a 12-11 record and had his WHIP down to 1.281.  Gee had a wonderful spring training and hopefully that continues into this year.  It's nice to see a Mets homegrown talent pan out.  There is a clip of his 12 strike out turn around game against the Yankees at the bottom of this post.  His only blip that game was a homerun to Cano.

With that I leave you with a picture of a 2012 Topps Museum Auto of Dillon Gee numbered /250 that I picked up off of ebay for about 6 bucks.  It is one a the very few times that a seller was willing to negotiate a best offer.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Work in Progress

Hello Bloggers,

My name is Keith and I'm a New York Mets and West Virginia Mountaineers fan.  I've just got back into collecting cards after a long hiatus this past year or so.  I currently collect New York Mets and West Virginia Mountaineers autographs and game used memorabilia.  I also keep an eye out for some Pittsburgh Pirates stuff being I'm a displaced Mets fan in WV and have 2 young boys who love baseball so we will watch the Pirates.  One will be 5 and the other 2.  The Mets are my favorite team by far, but I will root for the Pirates except for when they play the Mets.  My goal in the blog world is to meet other card lovers and establish trade partners although it may take me awhile being I'm still accumulating cards and trade bait.  I'm working on scanning my collection to to have a visual guide to what I have in my collection.  Feel free to drop me a line as I love to talk cards and sports in general.  Let me know what you like to collect and I can start picking up stuff.  I have a few friends who collect so I might be able to find something you like or need. Go checkout my friend Matt's blog at Bob Walk the Plank, he is a huge Pirates fan.

 The pictures above are of two MLB baseballs and the one on the left is a foul ball from Darryl Strawberry that my dad caught for at Shea Stadium back in 1987 while we were sitting in 3rd base box seats.  The one on the right is my 4 yrs old ball that he got when he was 3 from the Pirates ball boy between innings while we were sitting right behind the dugout at PNC Park.  He was ecstatic the rest of the game and the whole way home.