All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Friday, April 11, 2014

Shame Shame Shame

Shame on you Topps for using the same photos across your products.  I can understand if it is a Rookie or player with only a handful years of service, but here we are talking about a player with 19 years of service.  I'm sure Gary Carter has more pictures you could use that span his 19 yr career then the few you have chosen to use.  Especially being he played a majority of his career with the Expos then the Mets.  As you can see in the photo below just how lazy Topps has become.

Lets Go Mets!!!


  1. I know I'm not the only one, but this drives me nuts!! Topps really should be embarrassed by this!

    1. Just a shame that they expect us to shell out good money for these products. I wonder how many stickers Carter signed because its been almost 2 yrs since his death. Just weird seeing his auto in new products