All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Monday, April 7, 2014

Random Thoughts

After observing 2 T-ball practices some parents have to come back to reality that these kids are only 4-6 yrs old and they are not the next (insert your favorite superstar here).  It's unbelievable that parents think kids should be able to throw far an accurate when most can't throw beyond 10 feet or they should be able to kill the ball when hitting. For the most part these kids are probably playing the game for the first time with real bats and balls and not a wiffle ball and bat. One dad was yelling at his son to catch the ball when he's probably never been taught how. Other parents are yelling at their kids go get the ball when another kid has it or is nearby. You can see on these kids faces they are not happy when their parent yells at them and are confused. Some parents are laughing at other kids because they are starring up at the plane in the sky. Kids this age have no attention span whatsoever. Let them have fun an play and learn the game. T-ball is to learn the game for when they get older. Some parents today just kill me because they put too much pressure on their kid.  As a child of a parent who coached baseball an had success he would be ashamed at the way parents are behaving today.

Sorry for the rant. 

Now hopefully in the next day or so my two packages that I mailed out make it to their destination and those people share the goods on their blog.  If you are looking for 09 ginter or 2013 Series 1 let me know I should be able to help you out with your needs. 

Now onto my most recent purchase that I made on ebay from topps update is a Matt Harvey allstar jersey.  I was perusing ebay early this morning(hey I work midinghts) and came across a buy it now for under 6 bucks with free shipping so I decided to pull the trigger unlike another Harvey that I let slip through my fingers(more on this tomorrow), but did some quick research on the card an it's sales price first. It looks like a pretty good deal for the most part because others are selling around 7 bucks an up plus delivery except  that went for just a bit less than what I purchase. So without further ado here is the card in all it's glory. 


  1. Nice pickup!! Matt Harvey relic is a plus, but the fact that it's from the ASG in his home stadium makes it even cooler.

    1. Thanks. Keep telling myself need to put money aside for triple threads allstar jersey cards for this years release for harvey and wright.