All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Box Break '13 Gypsy Queen X 2 and Happy Easter

Well yesterday Mike Trout had a career first.  Yes that's right Mike Trout another career first.  This time though his first was he struck out four times in a game for the first time in his career earning him the golden sombrero.

Now with that out of the way lets get on to the good stuff...

Today me and my buddies Micah and Matt (Bob Walk The Plank) gathered at Matt's house and opened some '13 Gypsy Queen boxes.  We normally try to bust a box about every month or so, but got a little behind and busted two boxes this time around.  The hit of the night went to Matt and was a card numbered /5.  For once Micah wasn't the hot hand this time around getting the big hit which normally happens.  Go check out his blog to see what it was and check out his other hits.

My First box the autos weren't anything special in Fiers and Archer, but I did hit a nice jersey card.

Here are my jersey cards from the first box. Pretty standard Rollins, but a nice Tony Gwynn jersey card.  Too bad they didn't center the pinstripe which is just barely noticeable on the right hand side.

On to box two.  The one auto was better and the other not so much and pretty standard jersey cards too.  The autos were of Matt Carpenter and Garret Richards.  The funny thing is we have all pulled a Carpenter and Richards auto out of our three boxes.  The jersey cards were of Wilin Rosario and Carlos Santana.  The Rosario had a nice purple pinstripe in it and the Santana was just a plain grey jersey.

The minis I hit on were pretty standard.  I traded Matt two black minis of Russell Martin and Neil Walker.  I did have a nice Ty Cobb mini /99 and Josh Johnson to /99 too.  

It was great getting together busting some boxes and talking baseball.  Myself and Matt talked briefly on the Ike Davis trade.  I wish they didn't trade him and told Matt that he'll probably get back into his hitting ways.  Well the Pirates game was on TV and I decided to watch Ike hit while at Matt's and his first at bat he had a double and his second he walked and I just shook my head.  The Mets I think will probably regret this move in the long run.

Well Happy Easter everyone and I hope to squeeze in a post sometime tomorrow evening.  I updated my trade bait to include the above cards and will add more cards this week.

Lets Go Mets!!!!

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