All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lazy Saturday

Today was a day of not doing too much, but now some running to do for a bit and this evening who knows.  So time for a quick post.

Well as one kid naps the other watches cartoon's on TV and the wife does her thing(more on that in the future) I followed the Mets game on the laptop.  The game saw the Reds take the lead then the Mets take it back of a Granderson 2 run bomb and then give it up on a Brandon Phillips 2 run bomb.  The bottom of the ninth inning saw a challenge by the Mets get overturned to have runners at first and second after a sac bunt attempt.  What happened next is the first walkoff win of the season for the Mets. Here is the card and LINK to the video of todays hero.

Congrats Ike on the pinch hit walkoff Grand Slam!!!

More on this later, but it looks like it could get interesting with the battle for first base between Duda and Wright.


  1. very cool card. Wish the light wasn't right over the NY as it's a little hard to appreciate it in its full glory.

    1. I know the glare is bad on some of the pics I have. Need to find a better setup to snap them.

  2. I'm just glad they beat the Reds.

  3. I'm sure you're both hoping for the sweep as am I.

  4. Man. You have no idea how many times I pretended to hit a walk off grand slam when I was a kid. Simply awesome. Congratulations on the awesome win.