All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Kid

Well today was Gary "The Kid" Carters Birthday.  Another one taken way too soon from the world 2 years ago.  I had the pleasure and luck to watch him play a bunch at Shea as a little kid.  He played the game just like his nickname and had a blast doing it.  I use to average about 2 games a week with my Dad and two of his buddies.   We were fortunate that we didn't have to pay for the 3rd base box seats being the one friend always got the tickets for free so I was told.  He was a detective in our town and as a little kid I never asked how he got them just when are we leaving and what time the game was.  I always had to take my mitt with me just in case a ball came our way.  We use to get their early to watch batting practice and fielding drills.   As an 7-8 yr old kid it was a blast.  There is a cool Carter auto after my Harvey story.  Also, I have a Mex(Keith Hernandez) story from a game I attended for another time.

My post yesterday for those that read it states that I let a Matt Harvey auto slip through my hands.  I did let a National Treasure patch card /99 from 2012 slip through, and I still kick myself to this day for it.  I found the card on eBay as a best offer and shot the guy a reasonable offer an he countered. Well I countered one last time with the price I was willing to spend an he cam back about 10 bucks higher than my counter.  Needles to say I debated biting the bullet and accepting but I didnt.  He never pitched in the majors before and was hesitant to spend that much.  Well I believe the price was 95 that I let it go for.  Well now the card is selling today for about 150 plus even though hes out for the yr.  During the 2012-13 season the card was selling for 300 plus.  To this day this still haunts me.

Without further ado here is the sweet Carter auto.  Sorry for the glare. There is a Tom Seaver auto from the same Hawaii Trade Conference that I'd like to get just because it is a unique auto picture.

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