All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Thursday, March 29, 2018

It's Opening Day.....

Well the best day of the year is here....OPENING DAY.

Here are my predictions for this season etched forever in the blogosphere.  I'm sure some strange things will play out and you can poke fun at some of my selections.

Bell 28 HR
Pirates finish above .500

Conforto 33 HR
Make the playoff as WC

 AL East - Yankees
AL Central - Indians
AL West - Astros

Wildcard 1 - Red Sox
Wildcard 2 - Angels

Best Record in the AL - Astros
ALCS - Astros over Indians

NL East - Nats
NL Central - Cubs
NL West - Dodgers

Wildcard 1 Cardinals
Wildcard 2 Mets - Let the blasting begin

Best Record in the NL - Nats

NLCS - Dodgers over Nats

World Series - Astros over Dodgers (6 games)

AL MVP - Mike Trout
NL MVP - Bryce Harper

AL Cy Young - Chris Sale
NL Cy Young - Noah Syndergaard

AL ROY - Willie Calhoun
NL ROY - Ronald Ocuna

AL HR Stanton
NL HR  Goldschmidt

AL WAR Trout
NL WAR Arenado

Well what is a post without a card.  So here is one I picked up off eBay with hopes of adding some more the seller was taking offers on but could not get  a deal worked out.  Heres a nice chunk of grey jersey or pants of David Wright from museum collection.  That's one guy I feel sorry for with all the medical issues he's had these past few years especially the way he played the game and went about the game.  Was hoping he'd be able to make it back, but now its highly unlikely. 

Well Rusty Staub or the Le Grande Orange has passed away this morning.  He was always raising funds for police and fire fighters killed in the line of duty. Here's and interesting stat the he holds as he's the only player in MLB history to have at least 500 hits with four different teams.

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