All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Friday, May 30, 2014

Trade with 2 by 3 Heroes

Well in the few minutes of free time the past few weeks that I had I'm glad I viewed Jeff's post over at 2 by 3 Heroes when he posted his break from the giveaway from Play at the Plate celebrating 2000 posts. He posted a picture of d'Arnaud die cut top 100 and as Mets fan I had to add it to my collection.  Well he also sent two other colored/rainbow goodies in prospects.  I still have to send off my package in return which hopefully I can get out today or tomorrow. 

Here are the goods he sent.

Thanks again Jeff for the trade and hopefully I can get your cards out in the next day or two.

Also fellow bloggers I could use some good thoughts, well wishes, prayers, etc. as I applied for a new position at my current job and received an email that I was referred to the selecting official for further consideration.  Any good vibes would be appreciated.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Who Doesn't Love a Good Contest

Head on over to Autographed Cards and get in on the College World Series contest he's having.  You can check it out RIGHT HERE SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR CLICK AWAY.

Lets Go Mets!!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just a slow dribbler.....

Well the Mets took 2 of 3 from the Pirates to inch closer back towards .500. They look like a Jekyll and Hyde team on a daily basis just don't know what team will show up. At least they canned Valverde so he can't blow anymore games from the pen. 

I have been trying to get my oldest to watch some baseball games with me on TV to teach him some very basic things. Like what is the score, ball strike count, what inning an top or bottom. So far he's doing a pretty good job. Well this last Saturday we sat down to watch the Pirates Nationals game an asked him if he wanted the Pirates to win an he said yes. Well when the game came on he said he wanted the Red team to win an I told him that's not the Pirates. His response was hilarious which was I want the red team to win because the black team are the bad guys and they can't win. 

Today the Mets Pirates game was on locally being the Pirates are the local team so we watched a few innings. Quizzed him on some stuff he learned an did a pretty good job of getting the answers right. First thing out of his mouth was that he was their and wants to go their again. It's been 2 years ago that he was their and still remembers hitting the ball at Kiddie field and wants to do it again cause that's why he wants to go their to hit the ball again. Only if it was closer and not 6 hours away. 

Here is a card I picked up on eBay for just over 4 Bucks that I didn't have and have been watching for awhile but didn't feel comfortable paying 10 plus bucks for; So I'm glad I waited.

Here's a card that I'm currently watching on eBay and probably will not be acquiring being it is right around 60 bucks and still 3 plus days left to go. I would like to have this card, but not for the price it will probably end at. 

Sorry for all the rambling and check out my trade bait. 


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

BOX Break: 2009 Topps T206 and Case Break info

Well it was time for my monthly box break with Micah and our fellow blogger Matt(Bob Walk the Plank).  This time around it was Matt's choice to which box to bust and he chose 2009 T206 which was under 50 bucks and guaranteed two hits.  Micah's box was a little rough, but mine and Matt's was above average finally.  Everything from the box is up for trade and here are some of the better hits from my box....I also pulled a McCutchen rookie that I'll probably keep, but other than that they are up for trade.  Just shoot me a message in what your interested in.

Gold border of none other than the Sandman himself Mariano Rivera

Short printed version base cards of Campanella, Robinson, and Ramirez X2

Short printed mini's.  The top left is number /99, the Wagner is an Old Mill back and the bottom 2 are Polar Bear backs

Cubs Milton Bradley auto
Astros Miguel Tejada Game Worn Pants
Brandon Webb Printing Plate Black if I remember correctly

Head on over to J. Meeks blog HERE and check out the info in regards to a 2014 Bowman Jumbo case break with 40 autos per case.  It's a buy one get one.  So head on over to his blog and pick your team now and get a random team later and tell him Keith from The Home Run Apple sent you.

Lets Go Mets!!!  What a way to blow a game yesterday by the bullpen.  I see they cut Valverde and Fired Hudgens the hitting coach just after the game.  Glad to see Valverde go cause all he did was blow games for them.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Trade with Brads Blog

I've been quiet on the blogging front for the past few days due to our Macbooks charger crapping out on us an not having the time till last night to run to a store to pick a new one up.  It actually was OK being I was heading to Matt's(Bob Walk The Plank) to bust a box of 2009 T206 so it was one trip.  I'll summarize the break and go into it with more detail in a later post probably tomorrow or Monday.  T206 was a fun break, but I had my two hits in my first two packs and thought maybe a hot box.  It wasn't a hot box, but I did pull a 1/1.  If your a fan of the Cubs, Orioles, or Diamondbacks keep and eye out in the next few days for the post.

Now to what this post is all about a TRADE with Brad's Phillies Blog.  Brad was easy to deal with and sent a bunch of cards and I see more trades in the future with him.  I had some Phillies laying around and reached out to Brad to see if he was interested and he was.  He sent me some Mets and a Padres player as you'll see below.  These are just the highlights as he sent a bunch of good stuff.

First up was some sweet players who are no longer with the team with Reyes and Thole now with the Blue Jays and Beltran with the crosstown rival.  Love the Beltran sepia refractor too bad he didn't get the bat off his shoulder against that Adam Wainwright curveball in game 7.

 Brad also sent a bunch of Ike Davis cards, but I picked these two to show off.  I actually been looking for that auto card on eBay, but other cards were my priority and was glad to be able to get it in the trade.  He also sent me the base and the sepia refractor of the card below too. 
 Well next up is a Mo Vaugh bat chunk card.  You can probably file this one in the top 5 or 10 in bad trades that the Mets had made.  I was lucky enough to see him and Clemens play at Fenway many years ago and remember my Dad telling me to ask for his auto at BP and was telling me all kinds of info to get his attention.  I didn't do it, but I wish I would have.  My Dad was feeding me how info that he played at Seton Hall University and for Coach Sheppard that my Dad knew and how he played with Craig Biggio and John Valentin at Seton Hall.  Sorry for going off and just rambling away, but my Dad loved baseball and Ill go into more detail in another post about that.  As you can see the card below Vaughn is Santana and Buerhle Jersey card which I was glad to have even though he's in his Twins uni, but he did pitch the first Mets no hitter in franchise history.  Hard to believe being the Mets had some pretty good pitchers through the years.
Last, but finally not least is Jedd Gyorko of the Padres who is currently in a little bit of a slump after a good showing his Rookie year last year.  You may wonder why I collect Gyorko and the reason being is he graduated from my Alma Mater West Virginia University.  

Thanks again Brad and look forward to future trades.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wine, Dine, and 69...more to go

Sorry it's been a busy few days and not much time to post. Hopefully that changes in the next few days being I have a trade envelope to show off.

Figured I'd put a catchy title out there for the Mets countdown to 90 mins with only 69 more to go. Pretty happy with the way the season has been going except for how the bats can just go cold or can't get runs across when they do hit. 

Well should be adding more trade bait in the next day or two. In the mean time go check out my trade bait here.

Well I guess I should show off a card and I've deceided to show one off of my trade bait. So if you know a Reds fan point them in my direction. Here's a 2013 Triple Threads of Cingrani

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Zack Wheeler and a Big Day

Well a few days ago the 2nd package from eBay arrived and today the 3rd arrived, but that one will have to wait a few days/weeks. Also arriving today was a trade package that I won't be able to open or showcase for another day or two. Sorry Brads Blog should be able to get to them Wednesday.

Haven't had much time to do reading of blogs being my Mom was in for our oldests Preschool Graduation that was this evening. Just been doing quick posts late in the evening. Well this guy is one proud Dad in all he's accomplished in such a short time and can't wait to see more from him. In the book we received after the ceremony it shows all the kids answers in his class to the following 2 questions. What do you want to be when you grow up and what is your favorite food?  Well my boys answer for what do you want to be when you grow up was "Daddy."  When I asked him again he said "you" I guess I have had some positive influence on him.  Some of the other answers were Fisherman, Fireman, Police Officer, Doctor, Dentist, Paleontologist, Batman, McDonalds worker, Train Engineer, Army Officer, Dragon Trainer, Singer, and Mine for Treasure plus many more I can't recall off the top of my head. Now the McDonalds Worker was said twice once by a boy an girl. Now I couldn't help but chuckle a bit at them especially the more off the wall ones. Even the answers for favorite food were hilarious, because they had to describe how it was made.

Here is a 2014 Museum auto if Zack Wheeler that I picked up off of eBay for under $9 shipped in a best offer. Glad I waited a few weeks being auctions have been going for $11 plus not including shipping

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Quick Update

Well haven't been blogging(reading or posting) much the past few days being my mom is in from out of state. I have a brief moment now so I figured I'd throw up a quick post.

Also, Jonathan has been actually fielding some balls hit his way in the past few tee ball games. Now if we can only get him to hit the ball hard like he does at home or at practice in a game all will be good. I'm not complaining though being he is only 4 yrs old and has another year or two playing tee ball to develop. He actually hits better with being pitched a ball than off a tee.

Well the Mets beat the Nationals to inch back closer to .500 and I have received 2 out of 3 from my recent eBay purchases.  It's hard to believe the season is already a quarter plus gone already.  Well it looks like the NL East may be a battle all year between all the teams in the division. 

Well here is one if the cards I just got in the past day or two, a 2014 Museum Ike Davis Jumbo Jersey /35. I picked this up for just over 4 bucks including shipping. Yes I know he is no longer on the Mets.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Please Bear With Me...Lot's to Post and a Group Break

First off, I guess I jinxed the Mets with the video of the Teufel Shuffle after them taking 2 at New Yankee Stadium and then getting blanked both games at home.

Well checkout this link of My Cardboard Habit's to the details of a 2014 Bowan Chrome Jumbo group break.  Just to summarize the break it is 15 spots first come first serve choice of team and then randomize the second teams for $80 including shipping. As of now I think only 4 teams have been picked so head on over and enter the break.

Well I just got around to opening my package from COMC challenges and there was a nice letter explaining that I will be receiving another package in about 2 weeks being 3 of the cards I purchased were in their Canadian warehouse.  I purchased 20 '13 Triple Threads Amethyst and now I'm only 38 cards away from completing the set.  I guess I'll be checking out eBay for lots an COMC again for challenges.  If you have any on my wants list hit me up and would love to trade for them.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Six in a Row

Well that's six in a row against the Yankee's after tonight's win. 

Now the Subway Series heads on over to Citi Field where I'm can almost guarantee the homeruns will be drastically cut or void all together, unlike the short porches of Yankee Stadium.  Let's just hope the Mets bats continue to stay hot and the starting pitchers get back on track.

Well I've been somewhat busy on eBay picking up some cards that I've been keeping an eye out for and have scored some pretty good deals on them too.  I'll share them as I receive them in the mail.

Well short post tonight, but hopefully the Teufel Shuffle keeps the Mets winning and hot bats alive for a little bit longer.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mail Day

Well I have sometime to post about the PWE that showed up in my mailbox last Thursday or Friday from Tony over at Off Hiatus Baseball.  At first it kind of threw me off guard then I remembered he ran a contest a week or two ago to celebrate post 100 and I was one of the winners.  So without further ado here is my choice from his treasure chest.  A 2014 Turkey Red Harvey and he threw in a d'Arnaud from the same set too.  Hopefully these two will become quite the battery next year. 
Thanks Tony

Well the 4 game Subway Series begins tonight with the Mets heading across town to face the Yankees for two games and then two more games at Citi Field. Hopefully the Mets can carry some momentum from yesterdays game thru these 4 games an get the sweep and  back above .500. 

Also I am looking for 2013 Triple Threads Amethyst(/650 or /675 can't remember the exact numbering) cards to complete the set and only need 38 more.  So if you have any or know of anyone that has any point them in my direction.  You can see which ones I need HERE and the list is updated to reflect an eBay an COMC purchase.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day....

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms.

Well today was a busy day make up tee ball game, dinner out, and now work.  Somehow I always miss the ice cream/dessert being I have to work.

Well the Mets won again in walk-off extra inning fashion to get off the schnide.  I also see where I haven't been doing a good job in keeping my countdown to 90 wins up to date.  I guess running all over to games and activities for the kids that may happen from time to time

Also, go head on over to Play at the Plate and enter his contest for a box of '14 Bowman that Topps was so kind to donate as a prize. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Here's the Throw....and There's Going to be a Play at the Plate

Head on over to Play at the Plate and check out the awesome giveaway that was graciously donated by Topps.  Yes, that's the right Topps donated a prize for a giveaway.

Well Lets Go Mets!!!

Hopefully I'll be able to do another post later tonight when I get more time.  I'll also try to show off the goods from PWE that showed up yesterday.

Lets Make a Deal....or Trade!!

Check out my TRADE BAIT HERE or you can find it a little further down on the right hand side all the time.  It's updated with all the autos, inserts, and relics.  Also I have 2013 Gypsy Queen for trade and 2009 Allen and Ginter too including minis and SPs.  If you need either the GQ or AG let me know and I'll have too look to see what I have.

Well in honor of the Mets calling up Willmer Flores and him a shot at shortstop, here is a patch card of the man himself.  Hopefully his bat can spark the Mets and get them back above .500.

Friday, May 9, 2014

There's NO Such Thing as a Free Lunch, but There are Free Giveaways

What a day all around.  Beautiful weather and a day off of work too.

Well the Mets have dropped below five hundred, but only by a game.

I haven't posted in a few days and this is just quick one even though I've been reading your blogs everyday.

Well head on over to Play at the Plate and try to win a box of Bowman that was donated by Topps.

Well hopefully they speed up on some redemption's I'm waiting for the past few months.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Trade: Off Hiatus Baseball

Sorry for the long post.

A few weeks ago I entered a random 2014 Museum group break with Cards Infinity on release day.  I was hoping to get the Mets being they are the team I personally collect and then I was hoping for Dodgers or Yankees being they had the most hits in the product and figured I could either trade them or sell them.  When it came time to do the randomization of the teams I ended up with the Tigers origanlly. I was disappointed a little, but then I thought there's some good cards to be had with Verlander, Scherzer, Cabrera, and Fielder. Well somebody noticed that there was one team left off the list. So we had to randomize again and this time I ended up with the Brewers. Sorry Tony over at Off Hiatus, but just then my heart sank even lower than before.

Well the first hit I got was a Canvas reprint of Yount. Then I got an Rickie weeks quad jersey patch. Then the next hit I got was a Jean Segura Auto jersey and the final hit was an Aramis Ramirez quad Jersey. All in all not a bad pull. Well my buddy Matt at Bob Walk told me he knew a guy that was a brewers fan an he pointed me towards Tony at Off Hiatus

I contacted him via the blog to let him know I had some cards that he might be interested in that I just got plus another card I received in the million dollar chase redemption.  I looked at his trade bait an saw he had a heritage Harvey black mini /65, but I saw it was already traded.  Tony loved the cards, but didn't know what he could possibly trade in return.  Well a few weeks went by and I saw he had posted about breaking a box of museum and I took a look at what he got and saw something that I'd be interested in. 

Well I emailed him saying I was interested in the hit, but he let me know he already had it on ebay. I told him to let me know if it didn't sell and it didn't an we worked out a trade for some cards along with a little cash. I'm happy I was able to get the Brewers cards into a fan of the team and was happy to get this in return.
I also received this jersey of Zack Wheeler that Tony had let me know he pulled a few weeks back.

He also threw in some older Mets cards back from my younger years.

 Thanks Tony for the cards and I'm glad you liked the Museum and Braun Coin card.  Hope we can work out another trade in the future.

 Well the NL East looks like it could be interesting this year with everyone beating each other up. 

Lets Go Mets!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Trade: The Dutch Card Guy

A few weeks back I contacted Jeroen over at The Dutch Card Guy to let him know that I could help him out with some 2009 Allen & Ginter stuff that he had on his Want List.  I told him I also had some 2013 Gypsy Queen too.  I shot him an email with 4 or 5 cards off his trade bait that I was interested in.  Well I actually received this package a few days ago, but didn't have the time to go through it with work and tee ball.  Well last night I had some time to crack it open and it did not disappoint one bit. Here is some of the stuff he sent me.

Love the Carter and the Beltran.  Only if he would have swung at the Adam Wainwright curveball back in the 2007 NLCS his legacy as a Met would be much better.

Absolutely love the uniforms that Carter, Gooden, and Bonilla are wearing.  I think the Mets need to go back to those as I was always fond of those as a child attending games at Shea.  A little serious a Mr. Burnitz.  How about this deal, after being the highest paid player in baseball at the time of his signing with the Mets, Mr Bonilla is still earning a paycheck from them and will be until 2035 being he was released after the 1999 season and was still owed $5.9 million.  So instead of just paying him what he was due they struck a deal which deferred payment for 10 years and then he would be paid $1.19 million until 2035, not too bad a deal for not working.  The Mets always seem to do something crazy or dumb every now and then and this was certainly one of those times.

Here's a sweet Gregg Jefferies Auto which was on the list of trade bait that I liked along with this Delgado/Beltran.


And here was a nice surprise tucked in the middle a Chrome mini of Wilmer Flores.  Flores was signed as 16 yr old SS prospect and is currently one of the Mets top ten prospects.

Jeroen is easy to deal with and will make it well worth your while to strike up a trade with him.  So go check out his blog at The Dutch Card Guy.  Can't wait till our next trade!

Well the Mets haven't fared too well in their first 2 games in the Mile High city losing 4-7 and 3-10.  Hopefully tonight they turn it around and get back to their winning ways again.  

If your still reading at this point I still have 2009 Ginter and 2013 Gypsy Queen available to trade so hit me up if you need something specific and I'm sure we can work out a trade or something.

Lets Go Mets!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Not enough time in the day

I thought today I might have time to go thru my two trade packages that I have received, but I still didn't get time to view the loot.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will at least be able to review the goods and make a post about it and then sometime next week give each one its own rightful post. 

Well today saw the MacBook Super Drive(CD drive) crap out and not want to read any disc.  Anyone know where to buy an internal one?  I took ours out too make sure the little guy did drop anything in it and its clear.  I'm half tempted to buy an external one being we rarely use it unless it's for photo's from the boys past photos. 

Well lets make this a little baseball related by showing off a card or two.  Here is my other Dickey card that I picked up for under 15 bucks I believe and I absolutely love the game used patch covered in clay below.    The other two cards I'm showing off are of Jedd Gyorko.  I guess someone changed their signature for the better compared to their 1st card signings.  The Gyorko on the left is a 2011 Bowman Chrome and the one right is a 2013 Topps Chrome Auto Variation.  I don't recall what I paid for the Bowman and the Topps was a redemption card for around 2 or 3 bucks.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014 Bowman Released....

Well with this release it looks like I'll be hitting eBay again for a bunch of cards being the Mets are represented well. I especially like the orange parallels and the wave version too, but will take any color or version. May be a busy week or two for the mailman again. Time to hit eBay and stay cheap this weekend. Unless some of you guys bust boxes and hit some Mets and are willing to trade then hit me up.