All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Yes.....I am Still Here and a Black Bears Game

I am still here reading and catching up on blogs. My time for posting however is cut short due to summer vacations and having 2 boys at home who occupy a bunch of my time. 

First off thanks Jeff for the PWE which that post will be appearing in the near future due to time constraints and not having snapped some photos of what he included. 

Well last Friday(7/24) was my birthday and what better way to celebrate it than at a baseball game with the family. I missed the series of the Brooklyn Cyclones due to it being a midweek game and I work overnights so it just didn't work out. I did however see them play the Staten Island Yankees. Which the Blackbears won. 

The best part of the night had to be for me seeing my 2 boys ages 3 and 5(2 weeks from 6) face and enjoyment they got out of the game. Plus they each ended up with a foul ball per say. The first one was from BP that was over in the grassy area that you'll see down below in a photo and the other one that's a story in itself. 

The second ball was thrown from the visitors dugout. Some of the opposing players were throwing balls to kids in the stands and my oldest wasn't seen so a very loud gentleman who was rooting for the Yankees a few rows back got the attention of the player and pointed to my son. Low and behold the player grabbed a ball and threw it to the said gentleman who walked it down to him and as my son said Thanks he asked my son if he was a Yankees fan and he said no I'm a Mets fan like my dad. The gentlemans  reaction was disbelief and kidded with my boy to give him the ball back. 

Here a few pictures. 
Me and the boys
The first ball
The first ball after being auto'd by the BlackBears mascot "Cooper" who has a tough time signing autos with bear paws for hand. 


Hopefully the Mets are playing some meaningful baseball from here on out and sweep the Nationals to tie them for first place this weekend. 

How bout WILMER FLORES going from thinking he's traded to WALKING IT OFF with a HR Friday night against the Nationals in the bottom of the 12th.