All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Let's see what happened and was popular in 1993 shall we. 

NAFTA became law
Blue Jays won the Series
Jurassic Park
Mrs Doubtfire
Bridget Fonda
Liv Tyler
Top 20 songs 

Last time the Mets were NO HIT. Congratulations to Rookie Chris Heston on the first no no of the year and of his career. Hopefully it's another 20 plus years till the Mets have it happen to them again. I believe this is the 6 or 7th time they have been no hit. 

I know I've been lacking in the posting department but I have been reading and skimming the the posts and the boards almost daily. I'm hoping and wanting to post more often but life has been keeping me busy. No complaints here though

Since my last post I attended the shellacking Matt Harvey took at PNC against the Pirates with my wife and oldest son. He was into but didn't really like the drunk Yinzer a few rows behind us screaming an yelling the whole time his own made up Harvey polka song. But other than that it was good and the people around us were all pleasant and enjoyable and were perturbed by the same guy. Here are some pictures from that day. 
The 7 Line outing more on them in another post
A little cooling off by the little guy after the game

I've been keeping an eye on cards and have only purchased one recently from this years museum which was a beauty of a quad relic. 

I am hoping to add the Pedro piazza degrom darnaud one next. 

Hopefully the Mets can get healthy and stay neck and neck with the Nationals. Missing wright and darnaud has definitely hurt. I believe darnaud is due back today so at least that's one of plus now if we can get wright and or Murphy back I'd feel a lot better but pleased they are holding their own with the hand they've been dealt.