All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Friday, April 24, 2015

Thanks Off Hiatus

Been busy with work and it looks like that'll continue for a good bit longer and add in T-ball practices and games and just general life stuff I rarely have much free time. At least I have MLB at bat lite that I can listen to the games to pass some of the time while I'm slaving away at night working. 

I've been so busy that I forgot to post this and snap some quick photos of what the wonderful Tony from Off Hiatus sent my way about a month or so ago.  He knocked off every one of my base needs from the 2012 archives set needs and knocked off 4 or 5 of the SPs as well. I was hoping one of those was the Bryce Harper but no such luck.  Thanks Tony and I apologize again and will try to find some Brewers stuff to send your way. 

Check out my set needs via the link to the right. Or if your too lazy to move your mouse pointer over that way you can CLICK HERE instead if you wish. I still need to update it with the custom minis I plan on chasing from Munnatawket Minis   

Being this post somehow got lost or shuffled to the back burner by everything from work and life happenings to running the contest. I figured I'd include that I was up the other night till about 3am getting packages together for the contest winners and some other packages that I told people that id be sending their way. So be on the lookout for packages late next week or by the beginning of the following week. I plan on making a postal run Thursday at the latest being I should have some free to head over that way. All in all I believe I have 7 packages to be sent out all across North America from the East coast to the West Coast and from Tecas to Canada and  some points in between. 

Well what's a post without a card. Here is 2014 Tribute auto of the latest Mets pitcher to go under the knife for Tommy John surgery. I picked this card up about a month ago for pretty cheap and having been keeping an eye out to see if I can get some deals on his and other Mets players too. I think I will be staying away from this years tribute with the debacle that they've had with auto'd smudging and smearing.

Also I'm kind of hesitant to post on the blog being the Mets have an Amazin win streak going on and are heading cross town this weekend to play the Yankees. I was excited this year being I thought the Mets would compete but I'll take this being they're exceeding my expectations and giving themselves a nice cushion amongst the other NL East teams to weather the storms of a long season. I'm just glad they finally have some depth to ride out the injury bug unlike years past. 


Friday, April 17, 2015

My First Completed Set

I've had this post done for about 2 weeks now but just got it published being busy with work and life.  I do have some PWEs from Jedi Jeff to catch up on and a package that Tony from Off Hiatus sent my way to take care of my 2012 Archives base needs.  Now all thats left is SPs.  Whoever wants to send the Bryce Harper SSP rookie card feel free too being it goes for around $200 last I looked.  So I guess I'll have a completed set minus that card.  It also looks like I will be able to finalize a bunch of packages in the next week and get out the giveaway goods in the next week or so.  Just need a few more days and time to get everything caught up an put together.  I apologize for the delay.

I just recently completed the 2013 Triple Threads Amethyst Set. It is the first set that I've completed in a long time. I bought 2 boxes of the stuff probably about a year ago and decided I was going to go after the Amethyst parallels from the 2 boxes. I figured I might as well chase the Amethyst set instead of the base. It has a nice variety of current stars and retired players also. 

I ended up getting some of the cards via eBay lots for a pretty good price that I needed and Matt from over at Bob Walk the Plank hooked me up with a few too. The last 15 or so cards were purchased via COMC for well under a buck card on average. The most expensive and hardest to find card was the Puig rookie card.

Well enough rambling about the set here it is in all its glory and check out my other set needs over on the right hand side. I do need to update it to reflect that I am chasing the Munnatawket minis set that looks like Ginter.

Here is the set in all its glory in wonderful 9 pocket pages. Anyone care to take a guess what team an player is featured on the last card. 

Here is a copy of the link to the where all of my completed sets will be.  As of now that is the only set that I have completed to date so CLICK HERE to view the 100 card set.

Monday, April 13, 2015

And the Winners are.....

Sorry for the delay 4 min delay neighbor had to borrow the lawn mower. 


Well this post his happening in the bottom of the 7th with the Mets having a 1-0 lead.

After all the entries their was a total of 22 comments and two people pimped the blog so their was a total of 24 names entered into the generator. Without further wait lets see who the three winners are .....



And the last and final click 

Oh sorry for this commerical interruption while I make my way down to pick up our son from school. I'll be right back but let me click the button before I leave so I'll have the results when I get back

Sorry for the delay. 


Well it looks like Jedi Jeff gets first choice followed by Fuji and then finally Daniel Wilson. Please leave a comment on this post. Here is a link to your CHOICES

Thanks for all who entered and stayed tuned for other giveaways through out the season. 

Well Friday saw the release of Museum and the Mets this year are well represented in the product and looks like I have a few new autos and relics to chase. 


Just a Quick Update

Looks like their was 22 people entered into the giveaway. I wrote down all the names and gave credit for pimp post. I will double check quickly this afternoon to make sure my tired eyes didn't miss or forget anyone being its about 2am Monday morning and I'll be at work for a few more hours. I will enter the names into the randomizer and click it 3 times being that is how many games the Mets have won this year. If by chance their game is over by the time I do it I will add a click if they win. Their will also be 3 winners for the same reason and will pick in the order provided by and again if the Mets game is over by the time I do this I'll add the fourth. 

So Good Luck and winners should be announced on the blog by 5pm. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Head on over to one of my last 2 or 3 posts and enter my giveaway. You have just about an hour left to enter to have a chance at some High Tek Bowman and some stadium club autos

Friday, April 10, 2015

Just a Quick Update

As of right now it looks like their is about 21 people so far in the giveaway I'm running. Go check out my last 2 posts for the links being I'm posting this entry from my phone and it won't let me link them. 

Also being the Mets are winning and Harvey seems to be back and I'm going to let this giveaway ride till Saturday at midnight as of right now. It may go another day or two but I haven't decided yet and if it does I'll do a post. 

The Mets are off to a good start taking 2 of 3 from the Nationals. 

Sorry for no card this time around. Haven't gotten around to adding some new cards nor have I had the time to add the two packages I have received. 



Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Giveaway and Need your Help

First off go HERE and check out the easiest giveaway you'll see.  So go ahead and click right HERE if your forgot where the original link was. You could get a High Tek Auto, Bowman Auto, or a Stadium Club auto the choice is yours if your the winner or one of the winners.

So what are you waiting for click this giveaway LINK if you haven't already and give it a pimp for an extra entry.

Now onto the help I need or looking for.  I currently have a widget displaying the Mets current game.   It looks like that source is no longer active.  What I'm looking for is a widget that displays standings and other sports widgets.  Any help would be appreciated even some recommendations for sites to browse other widgets to add to the page.  I'm sure you fellow bloggers could help me out with that and give me some good recommendations.  And don't forget about the GIVEAWAY.

Well tonight sees the reigning NL ROY Jacob deGrom take on Jordan Zimmerman and the Nationals as long as the rain holds off.  Hopefully the Mets can put them in a 0-2 hole to start the season being the Nationals have dominated the Mets over the past few years something to the tune of 16-41 going back to 2012.  Thats just crazy and hopefully it changes this year.  Heres your reigning ROY from this years series 1 set.  Just check out those flowing locks where he must get all the power.  Hopefully he can continue where he left off last season.
  And dont forget to head on over to the GIVEAWAY

LETS GO METS!!!! its time to take back New York

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Opening Day and My First Giveaway

Well I'm a little late to the opening day party, but oh well. Yesterday saw Colon and the Mets take on Schrzer and the Nationals. I was able to catch the first few innings of the game before heading off to work. Colon had a stellar game pitching 6 innings striking out 8 and only giving up a long ball to Harper. I'm excited this year as I think the Mets could make some noise if the chips fall the right way, but enough about that lets get on to the real reason for the post...... 


I've been blogging for about a year now and have yet to do a contest/giveaway and meant to get it posted on opening day but a day late will have to suffice. 

Probably the easiest giveaway you can have. All you have to do is be a follower of the blog and comment on this post. I haven't deceided on an end date yet but it will be no earlier than Thursday. You can earn an extra entry by pimping the giveaway on your blog and copying and pasting the link under your first comment. Winner(s) will be chosen via and will pick their card via the list. Their will be at least one winner and more depending on how many people comment. The winner(s) will be able to pick from the following cards and I'll throw in some other cards too from your favorite baseball team. 

Now onto what the items you can pick from. First up some High Tek, Followed by some Bowman and Stadium Club

Thanks for reading