All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Box Break Part 2

Here are the results from my box break of '14 Prizm.  I actually busted two boxes of Prizm.  Sorry for any typos and/or grammatical errors as I have been up for way to long with very little sleep while typing this post.  The Mets players are all due to report today if they have not already so Spring Training is finally upon us.

First up the autos.  Each box promises two autos and at least one on card auto.  You can see that the autos are not too shabby.  With the on card autos being Schoop and Boagrets and the sticker autos being Brandon Phillips and Glen Perkins.

Next up some Prizms.  I probably will keep the Pete Rose for myself even though he did bet on baseball he still is the Hit King. 

Last but not least Matt from Bob Walk threw in this beauty of an auto of ex Mets an Pirates 1B Ike Davis who now resides with the Oakland A's if my mind serves me correctly.
I am busy working a ton of hours here lately and finally had some free time to put a post or two together.  I am also trying to get some packages together for some different bloggers that I have yet to send stuff too and will probably be reaching out in the near future for some address's to send some goods.

Lets Go Mets!!!

Jaybarkers Fan Pacakge

Awhile back good ole Jaybarkers blog was giving away some football cards being he was thinning his collection. I happily chose the Giants and a week or two later up showed a nice little package.

The package consisted of cards from the 80s up until the current year. First up is a nice relic of Manningham who helped the Giants win their second super bowl over the Pats with another spectacular catch. I kinda miss the 80s unis Rodney an Johnny are rockin from back in the day. How bout them shoulder pads too on Mr Perkins?
Next up is a card numbered out of 6 of TE Brandon Myers who only played for the Giants 1 yr. the odd thing about this card is that it covers every team he has played for because he currently plays for the Buccaneers and prior to the Giants the Raiders. 

Next up is probably my favorite card of the package. More on that later. Wish Jeremy Shockey wasn't such a hothead and he'd probably would have stuck with the Giants. Definitely was an outstanding TE. Next up is a pretty lackluster photo from stadium club of William Roberts. The best card of the stack sent is definitely the hamburgler or I should say the most generous blogger around. 

Thanks Wes for the stack of cards and will be sending you some autos for your project. 


Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's That Time of Year....Baseball is Back

AAaaah can you smell that....the fresh cut grass and freshly manicured fields ready for pitchers an catchers to report and beginning workouts for those teams that have reported. And to those that will be reporting over the next few days welcome back.  

The Mets pitchers and catchers reported today and most have already been in Port Saint Lucie for the past week or two if not longer already working out. 

The Mets rotation looks pretty much set for this year barring and setbacks or injuries of Harvey, Wheeler, deGrom, Colon and Niese. It appears the odd man out is Dillon Gee and will be sent to the pen. 

Matt Harvey is back. It'll be interesting to see what the Mets do with him coming off Tommy John surgery. It's sounding like he won't pitch till the Mets open at home and they'll shut him down some in the middle of the year just incase they would make the playoffs and not have happen to them like the Nationals and Strausburg. Still need to get an auto of his. 

Now for the rest of them it'll be interesting to see how they produce. Can Wheeler turn the corner and become a dominant pitcher like they had hoped. Can Niese stay healthy this year for the whole season. Will Colon continue his success? 

The biggest question other than Harvey's arm is sure to be NL ROY Jacob deGrom. Will he continue where he left off? I expect to see some regression but not much. Looks like he has the potential to be a quality starter for some time to come and hopefully that holds true and the Mets rotation can be pretty nasty for some time to come especially with the younger arms on the cusp of being called up. And with that I leave you with this beauty of a card from Series 1

Baseball is back 


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Box Break Part 1

Time for a catchup post on the last few box breaks with my buddies Micah and Matt from over at Bob Walk. 

Awhile back in our monthly box breaks or there abouts we busted Topps Chrome which was pretty lack luster all around.    The autos as you can see below definitely fit that description to a T. 

Next up and just this last break Micah chose Bowman Chrome which didn't fare much better other than he hit a refractor of Tanaka numbered to 50. I'll let the cards speak for themselves and let you be the judge on my box. 

First up the autos. YUCK

Next up the inserts and parallels an refractors. 
As always most are available for trade. 


Series 1

First off I apologize for any mistakes in this post of any kind as I should be asleep already and I also shoveled our driveway after being up since about 2pm yesterday. It doesn't help that I've had some brewskis(about) while shoveling either or I should say almost beer slushies being they were freezing as I was shoveling. It has been well below normal temperatures and even dipping into the negative temps and with -10 to -20 plus windchill I guess that will happen. Should be drinking a higher alcohol content beer to prevent that. 

Well well well now back the the actual topic of this post. Series 1 is upon us for about a week now and it looks awesome. 

Someone was quick draw McGraw or Johnny on the Spot and I missed out on Nachos Grande group break this time on grabbing the Mets.  From what I can tell and if my memory serves me correctly this early or late(HEY I work overnights) the one big hit he pulled was a David Wright coin stamp card for the Mets. Still a pretty cool card that I would have liked to get but probably will not chase. I guess I need to be quicker on commenting on Nachos group break posts going forward. 

I debated on buying some jumbo boxes and/or blaster boxes along with some rack packs but haven't pulled the trigger just yet. I have bit the bullet and purchased the base set off ebay and I'm still debating on if I will chase any of the insert sets this year. 

Well being it is well past my bedtime even though it's 8am EST I leave you with this wonderful card from Series 1 and as far as I know this is his first auto in any product albeit a sticker auto at that. 

2014 GOLD GLOVE WINNER Juan Lagares. Just the 3rd Mets outfielder and 10th overall player in the teams history to win one and the first since Beltran and Wright in 2008. 

Signed at age 17 by the Mets as a SS and converted to and outfielder and made his debut in 2013. Will more than likely be the leadoff hitter this year. Hopefully he works on his plate discipline and becomes a base stealer here very shortly because he definitely has the defensive tools to become an excellent all around player. 


Saturday, February 14, 2015


Ok guys and girls. 

Have some mail to catchup on from some of you bloggers. 

But first Just a quick post showing off a topps tribute auto that was picked up a few weeks ago for under 6 bucks shipped numbered to 99 of Travis D'Arnaud.  Just happened to see this listed has a BIN and pulled the trigger. Hopefully he can continue his second half bat after being sent down last year. Also hopefully the off season surgery on his elbow helps with his defense and throwing. If not kind of curious if the Mets try to move him to the outfield or just deal with it or do they move up one of their Prospects such as Plawecki or let Recker as a backup take over. 

Less than a week away from baseball can't wait. 


Monday, February 9, 2015

Will the Hall Ever Call?

Good Morning all. Just a quick post this morning before I head off to bed being I just got done with work. Yes I work midnights or the overnight schedule for my job. 

Probably wondering by now with what's that title all about. Well it has to do with one of the players on the card below that I just got in from eBay this past week. It is also the first auto of his in my collection and it was picked up quite cheap an easy    on a best offer. 

Let's go over some quick stats of the below player before I reveal his name and card. His career average is .296 and he batted over .300 7 times in his career and is eligible for the hall since 2011 on the Veterans Committee after being retired now for 20 plus seasons. 
Career highlights and awards
Anyone have any guesses who the player Im referring to is? Yes no? Well here's a little bit more info he appeared on Seinfield an was accused as being the spitter by Kramer and Newman. 

Give up or do you know who it is?

It's Mex himself Keith Hernandez. Sorry for the dark photo. At least he signed completely on the sticker. 

The other guy on the card is Casey Kotchmn a top 100 prospect back in the early 2000s with the Angels. He was ranked as high as 6 on that list. After spending 4 years with the Angels from 2004 to 08 and being in the bigs with them from 06 to 08 and he never spent more than a year with a team once traded at the end of 08 and finally retired in 2013 with the Miami Marlins. Too bad he couldn't stay healthy from his bout with mono to recovering from mono to being beaned in the head by Russell Martin an needing stitches in a pick attempt at second. He did does hold the record for most consecutive putouts without an error at 2379. 

Well that's all I got for now and keep an eye to the blog as there is more incoming mail from ebay along with a few posts about box busting and maybe a few packages that I receive in the coming days. 

Have a great workday. 

This guy is out.  Zzzzzzz


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Well Well Well...I Finally Have a Moment

Sorry for the incoherent rambling in advance didn't have much time an the mind was allover the place. 

Just a short quick post today/tonight with hopes of some more posting and updates this weekend. I've been crazy busy at work and not home as much as I would like so that is what's really putting a damper on my posts. Plus I haven't seen any 15 series one retail when I've been running some errands. I will be trying to pickup a few of the base autos being there's some Mets autos I would like to have and the design is actually appealing this year. 

So I received a package from wes over at jaybarkers that I have yet to open, but will definitely show off what he sent.  I claimed some Giants NFL cards that he posted about thinning his NFL collection. I also busted 2 boxes of 14 prizm and a box of 14 bowman chrome this past Friday. More on those in a later post. 

Well we are now least than 3 weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training. So we are inching closer to americas game and some Mets players have already been working out in Port Saint Lucie.

What's a post without some cards. Here is a Wheeler auto from high Tek numbered to 50 that I picked up a few weeks ago. You can see the different design in the holograms on the rear of the card better than the front. There is name for each diffractor design but it escapes me as of the moment. I may try to chase the diffractor for wheeler but that just depends on some other things and if I can get a decent deal on the lower numbered cards. 

Hopefully your still reading and I guess this post is a little longer than I expected it to be. Let's show off another card that I picked probably a month or so ago. It's actually the first auto card that I've had of this player and its a graded card too but that doesn't matter. The card I picked up is of The Franchise himself or some people may know him better as Tom Terrific. Yes I picked up the auto below of a Tom Seaver archives reprint. It's PSA/DNA graded 8 as NM-MT if memory is correct