All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hey It's Been Awhile

Sorry guys and/or gals. 

I've been busy with life and haven't had much time to do some blogging the past week or so.  I probably won't have much time either next week being I start my vacation this weekend. I'll try to check in every now and then to see some posts, but probably won't post much if at all. 

I opened 2 hobby boxes and 1 retail box for Fathers Day that my kids got me. Well the 2013 Prizm hobby box I pulled a Rizzo auto and a McCarthy auto if my memory serves me correctly and a die cut orange of a prospect sorry can't recall his name. In the 2012 Archives hobby box I pulled a Bob Boone Phillies auto and a Ed Kranepool auto. It's about time I pulled a Mets auto. In the retail archives from 2013(I believe) I broke the odds and hit a Verlander game used jersey relic. All will be available for trade but the Kranepool auto and I will post pictures once I return.  Hopefully I will have more time to get back to blogging then. 

My oldest actually helped me bust the Archives hobby box and got excited everytime he saw a Mets and Pirates player. He knows the Mets are my favorite team and the Pirates I watch being they are the local team. He was disappointed when we ran out of packs to open. Hopefully we can enjoy this hobby together for a long time to come. 

Let's Go Mets!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads and father figures out there. I miss mine everyday. I am blessed with two little boys who surprised me last night with a handprinted coffee mug painted in NY Mets colors.  The reason being the oldest told me they got me a coffee mug and painted it orange.

Then just a little bit ago they surprised me with this. 2012 Archives hobby box and 2013 Archives blaster and a 2013 Prizm hobby box. I already opened the blaster box and beat the odds and pulled a relic which I'll post or update later.  I can't wait to see what I pull in the other two boxes. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Can't Sleep

Well for some reason or another I can't sleep and as I read blog posts and view ebay seeing if there's a deal to be had or search the abyss of the internet random. I've noticed a few things on ebay that I've got my eye on that ends in the next few hours. 

I don't know about you guys, but I feel as Topps is flooding the market with baseball cards. It seems almost every 2 weeks they are releasing a new product. Be it high end or low end or middle of the road. I just can't keep up with their release schedule. With that I mean trying to see what players are in the set and what autos and/or relics are available too.  That way I can keep and eye out on ebay for it an save some cash along the way. With ebay I've realized patience is a virtue. Being in the beginning after a set releases everyone try's to recoup the cost or people are willing to spend a bit more to be the first to have it. 

I've also come to figure out some people must not research what they are selling or buying. A card hit that I've been looking for a BIN/BO(buy it now/best offer) 69.  This card has been selling in the 25-35 range so I tossed out a low offer of 20 and he countered 67. I came up to 28 and came down to 65. Needles to say that was the last offer being one sold about a month ago right in 30 dollar range. Research what you have people and don't be greedy. 

I was selling a card the same way a while back that's been selling right around 100-110 for the past 3 yrs. I put a BIN at 160 hoping to get about the price it's been going for. Didn't even come close.  I had one guy comment saying this auto of the player from this type of set is only going for 49 just auto and 70 with a relic auto. Wasn't born yesterday buddy.  I do my research and have a rough idea what something should go for on ebay. 

I'm not trying to make a living collecting and selling cards unlike some or most people on ebay. I'm just trying to fund my collection so I don't have to use my earned money all the time. I try to keep an eye out for deals on ebay and then turn around an sell them for a little more than I bought them for to fund my habit. 

Well the Mets have lost 4 straight and I think it has to do with me being it seems that when I don't post something they loose. I've also realized that I'm no longer making a prediction cause that seems to backfire on me. For example a few posts ago I mentioned the Cubs haven't been no it in a long time and was hoping the Mets got another no hitter an broke the Cubs streak, but that didn't happen. What did happen was the Mets getting swept by the Cubs. I figured we'd win 2 of 3 and get back to 500, but no such luck. Well then last night the bullpen blows another game by giving up a 2 run HR to Posey in the 8th for their 15th blown game this year. I'm glad to see they're competitive this year but definitely need some help in the pen. 


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quick Update Regarding '13 GQ

Added a link under my trade bait for 2013 Gypsy Queen.  If you click the link it will take you to everything I have in the base set including SP's.  So take a look and feel free to hit me up with your needs and I'm sure we can work something out.  I also will be adding what mini's I have available and what inserts I have from sliding stars, no hitter, dealing aces, etc. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Champs are Here

Well the Mets set another record earlier this year.  What record did they set you ask?  They set the record for most cheesesteaks ate by a visiting ball club playing the Phillies.  How many you ask did they eat in a single day 103 to be exact.  You can read about this rare feat RIGHT HERE.  There are rules and stipulations too on how long and when they can be eaten. And the record stood since some time in the '80s.  Also broken was an individual cheesesteak eating record by bullpen catcher Langill who ate 17 cheesesteaks in a span of 3 days.  The previous record holder was the other Mets bullpen catcher Racaniello who ate 14 in the same span and that record stood for years until it was broken this year.

Well here is one glorious photo doctored up from the article above just in case you skip the article, but Captain Wright says to check it out.  So you better do what he says.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Great Customer Service

As we all know some companies have good customer service, others have bad customer service, and others have excellent customer service and go above an beyond.  Well today I experienced excellent customer service with Julbo which is a sunglass company. 

Let me paint the picture of what happened and made me call Julbo.  Having a 4 yr old an soon to be 2 yr old some fights and disagreements break out every now an then.  Ok more often then not.  Well one argument broke out over the sunglasses and one of the arm pieces was bent and so was the screw.
From the first associate to the last one I talked to they actually sounded like they cared and were happy to be at work and help the customer.  The first guy I talked to said they could send out replacement screws no charge, but he would transfer me to someone in warranty and parts.  He actually filled the person in that I was transferred too.  Well this person went above and beyond and said that this was model was discontinued which I figured might happen being they were about 2 yrs old, but she would check the stock room and if she had them they would be $10 for the part.  Well she came back and said she found the part, but they were used, but virtually new and would send them out no charge.  Sweet saved 10 bucks and got the sunglasses fixed.

Sorry, I know not baseball related.  Lets get baseball involved.  Well a few months ago I opened 2 boxes of Triple Threads baseball and one of the cards was separating from itself.  The front of the card was pulling off the back.  Called Topps and had to send them the card an UPC.  Worst customer service I experienced it was like I was bothering them.  I had no phone call or communication once they received the card and was never told how it would be replaced.  One day a random package showed up from Topps and just had a card in it.  No letter no note no nothing so I figured it was to replace the card I sent them being it was the exact same card, but different serial number.  Still don't know to this day.  They just went on eBay and bought the card being I came across it when searching a sold listing.  We all now how poor Topps is on redemptions and updating redemptions and replacement redemptions.  So I won't even get into that.

Well the Mets take on the Cubbies and heres to Zack Wheeler getting a no no tonight.

Lets Go Mets!!!!

Another First

Well, the Mets just wrapped another first in this past 5 game series with the Phillies.  It's the first time in franchise history that the Mets have played in the same city other than New York five days straight.  To make it even better they took 4 of 5 from the Phillies. Now they are off to The Windy City to play the Cubs. If you saw my post yesterday(Check it out HERE) about the 2nd Anniversary of Johans no hitter you would have seen they Cubs are the current record holders an still ongoing for longest span since being no hit by Sandy Koufax in September 1965.  Here's to the Mets ending that streak somewhere in this 3 game series.

Here is a card I picked up awhile ago.  Sorry the picture is so dark and when I get a chance I plan on rescanning it.  This guy made a fabulous catch to rob Ryan Howard of a Home Run in last nights game and also had on spot on throw to nail a guy at home from center.  Now hopefully his bat will come along as well.

Monday, June 2, 2014

2 Year Anniversary a Day Late Maybe

Depending on where you live this may be exactly two years or a day past.  Sorry I've been busy.

There have been 283 of me.

There have been 240 of me in the modern era since 1901.

One person has done it 7 times by themselves.

Only one team has never done it.

The most recent happened May 25th of this year.

I think we all know what I am referring to and that is the wonderful spectacle of a NO HITTER!!!

Lets dig into this a little deeper shall we.

Forbes Field NEVER saw a no hitter in its existence from 1909 through 1970.  It's the only ballpark that has never had a no hitter.

Of the modern era teams they have experienced at least 2 no hitters pitched against them.

Cubs fans you'll like this.  You are currently the record holder of the longest period of time since being no hit which is still currently going.  You were last no hit by Sandy Koufax back on September 9, 1965 so that's roughly 48 yrs 258 days or to be roughly 7,742 games including post season appearances.

Sorry Padres fans you have yet to experience a no hitter and you've been waiting a while, 45 plus years and going.  Unfortunately, I know how you feel being a Mets fan an having to wait.

It took the Mets 50 plus years to finally get a no hitter and that happened two years ago today June 1, 2012 by Johan Santana.  Lets go a little deeper and break it down further.  The Mets got their first no hitter in their 8,020th regular season game.  The Mets were no hitter less through 8,019 regular season games and 74 post season games.  That my friends is a lot of games.  In that span the Mets threw 35 one hitters. The Mets had 7 pitchers throughout their franchise that have pitched no hitters with other teams.  Well, Mr Nolan Ryan pitched 7 himself 4 with the Angels, 1 with the Astros, and 2 with the Rangers.

Here are some names you may have heard of that got drafted with the Mets:

Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Dwight Gooden, AJ Burnett, and Philip Humber.

Those names above all started their careers in the Mets organization and were drafted by the Mets and pitched no hitters for other teams.  Actually Seaver was drafted by the Braves, but ruled ineligible after the draft being his college team played 2 exhibition games and his contract was voided.  He was going to go back to college, but the NCAA ruled him ineligible due to him signing a pro contract. Gotta love the good ole NCAA.  Well after being threatened by Seaver with a lawsuit the MLB let other teams match the Braves offer and their were 3 teams that matched the offer and the Mets won the rights in a lottery so he began his career as a Met in 1966.

Well Tom Terrific or The Franchise as he is also known threw 5 one hitters as a Mets player and took two no hitters into the 9th.  Then in 1978 he finally threw a no no as a member of the Reds organization.

Dwight Gooden threw one after leaving the Mets with the cross town rival Yankees.

AJ Burnett was drafted in the 8th round of the 1995 amateur draft by the Mets and threw one with the Florida Marlins. Also holds the record for most walks in a no hitter with 9.

David Cone also tossed a no hitter with the crosstown rival Yankees.

Philip Humber was drafted 3rd overall with the Mets and was part of the trade to acquire Johan Santana. He pitched the 21st perfect game in MLB history with the White Sox in April 2012.  Yes 2 months before my beloved Mets no hitter.

No onto June 2, 2012.  I can remember where I was and who I was with when the no hitter took place.  I was with my buddies Micah and Matt.  Yes thee Matt from (Bob Walk the Plank).  We met up for some Black Bear Burritos. Then headed over to Jay's Getaway and threw a few back and then left for Big Tymes for a few more.  While at Jay's I pulled out my iPhone to check the scores and fantasy baseball and saw thru 4 or 5 innings it was still a no no.  While at Big Tymes I checked again it was in the 7th and saw it was still a no no. At that time I subscribed to Premium so I pulled the live feed of the game in time to see the catch of the game with Mike Baxter crashing into the left field wall to preserve the no no.  Well Big Tymes had on ESPN so they cut to the game and I watched Mets history unfold with Johan Santana throwing 134 pitches and pitching the first Mets no hitter with Matt and Micah.  I remember Terry Collins saying he wanted to limit Santana to 110-115 pitches to preserve his health due to shoulder surgery, but couldn't take him after the game.

Sorry for the long post and here is my first Johan card that I picked up for cheap(around $5 shipped) and below is a video of all 27 outs of the wonderful spectacle if you'd like to watch.  The Baxter catch happens at about the 2:30 2:40 mark.  Here's to it happening in my lifetime again.

Lets Go Mets!!!