All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Dark Knight Rises and Some Beer

Well after watching game 4 of the world series and having to go through another shotty play by Murphy is.....I dunno I can't even put it into words.  Then add to it the blunder on the bases by Cespedes in the bottom of the 9th just is even more perplexing. 

At the beginning of the year my buddies all submit who we think are going to be the division champs, wild cards, Rookie of Year, etc.  I was tempted to put the Mets down as one of the Wild Card teams, but still said they were a year away from the post season.  Well they fooled me and everyone by winning the division due to the Nationals collapsing.  This World Series has been close with the Mets blowing leads in the 1st and 4th game of the series.  I know Murphy batted us through the division and championship series, but as last night showed his defense can be susceptible at times which showed its ugly head last night at the worst time.  I figure they'll make him a qualifying offer being hes a free agent at the end of season just to get a draft pick in return.  Tyler Clippard also has been shaky the last month or so in his relief appearances and that is another BIG question mark going forward with this team.  Starting pitching they are sound with 4 young arms and with Wheeler coming back from Tommy John have a 5th so I'm curious to see what wheeling and dealing they do this off season cause they have some young talent to make a run for the next couple of years if they can acquire some key pieces.

Enough of my rant as an upset Mets fan after that game.

Well Matt Harvey takes the mound in game 5.  Its put up time for him being he said he'd pitch in the post season and didn't have that spectacular of a game 1 so lets see how he rebounds on 5 days rest.  Well if you read my previous 2 posts you'd see how I kept mentioning history repeating itself of the 1986 World Series.  Well the score didn't show this time, but the a Mets player did hit 2 home runs in last nights game and in 1986.  The last team to overcome a 3-1 deficit was the Royals back in 1985 lets see if the Mets can give them a taste of their own medicine and do the same to them.  Interesting tidbit is that the next 3 Mets pitcher are Harvey, deGrom, and Syndergaard have won 3 in a row this season 8 different times so lets see if they can make it 9 and seal it with a ring.

The card I chose for this post is a card in waiting, as in a redemption card.  I long wanted an auto of his and couldn't bring myself to spend what the going rate was on eBay.  So, I went the redemption card route cause it was a gamble I was willing to take for the price that I got it for.  You can probably guess who the player is by the title or maybe by some of the reference in this post.  If not the player I am referring to is Matt Harvey and the card in waiting is from this years High Tek and a Tidal parallel /99.  Hopefully he comes thru being he hasn't signed in about a year or 2.  I was going for a book auto of him and Wheeler but the guy wouldn't come down enough on a Panini redemption where I felt comfortable.  SO here is a photo of the redemption until I get the actual card in hand.
Well another hobby or craft the I enjoy is beer.  Nothing like baseball and some beer.  As I write this I am currently drink an Oskar Blues IPA which is quite refreshing.  I know Matt over at Bob Walk touched on this briefly in a post or two of his.  Being located in WV the craft beer selection has definitely improved in the past year or so with the amount of selections due to the state increasing its alcohol limit on beer.  Well being from NJ I always picked up a bunch of beer whenever I head their to visit family or ask family to pick some up if they were coming in for a visit.  Well I plan on chugging all 6 of these if the Mets win the Series.  Yes that is a 6 pack of Dog Fish 120 which comes in about 18-20 percent ABV.
 Well stayed tuned for the aftermath and more beer and baseball posts in the future

LETS GO METS!!!! and in the words of Tug McGraw YA GOTTA BELIEVE!!!