All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lets Go Mets and Ya Gotta Believe!!!!

Well Game of 3 of the World Series the Mets bats finally awoke with some power and hits, but the first pitch drew some controversy of its how in being head high just off the plate.  First David Wright went yard in his first at bat for a 2 run shot and then later in the game Curtis Granderson hit a run shot of his own after Noah Syndergaard singled.  After the first two innings I thought it was all going to be downhill in KC's favor, but somehow Syndergaard pitched well up until the 6th inning where he pitched himself out of a bases loaded jam.  Well I'm a firm believer that history repeats itself, but more on that later towards the end of the post.

The first pitch of the game by Syndergaard was a head high heater a bit inside but not directly at Escobar.  The Royals took offense instantly to the pitch being Syndergaard said earlier he had a game plan.  Then he followed up with a curveball down and away.  Hosmer said "When one of your teammates gets [a pitch] thrown at his head, it's not going to go over well, I think everyone was upset about it. It's the only location he missed all night by that far. No one in here is stupid. Everyone knows what was said, and everybody knows what was done."  Now I guess the Royals have another team to be pissed off at they can add to their list.  Here is the pitch location so the Royals can get their panties out of a bunch and wonder what your opinions are of the pitch.  From the chart below it looks like it may have touched the front edge of the batters box.  I was fine with the pitch it wasn't directly at his head or ear it was above his head and thought it was just good ol baseball being Escobar has been swinging and hitting every first pitch pretty much.  Syndergaards reaction after the game from hearing the Royals didn't like me was priceless.  It was pretty much if they don't like it they know where to find me and thats 60'6" from the plate.  He also admitted he had no intentions of hitting Escobar in his post game press conference.

The interesting thing is that the Mets open up 2016 in Kansas City for 2 games so I'm sure there will be some sort of retaliation at that time being Hosmer said they'll just file this incident away till a later time being they're trying to win a championship.

Well if you read my last post you would have known that the Mets have lost the first 2 games of the series by the same exact margin as the 1986 Mets who won the Series in 7 games.  Well game 3 showed that history does repeat itself and the Mets won game 3 in 1986 and this year by 6 runs.  So far every game this year has had the winning margin the same as 1986 with the proper team winning.  So who says history doesn't repeat itself. It sure looks like it does to me.

Well whats a post without a card.  The choice of who to feature wasn't tough.  I chose Syndergaard aka Thor due to his performance in game 3 and only being 23.  Hopefully the Mets hold onto this guy cause not only can he throw gas up in the triple digits but he also has some pretty good secondary pitches.  I believe I showed off this dual auto relic before, but I figured I'd show it off again due to his sweet performance in last nights game.


Here's to history repeating itself some more

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lets Go Mets and Ya Gotta Believe

Well after losing Game 1 of the World Series as they did.   I was curious to see how the Mets responded in Game 2 which didn't go so well either.  Hopefully they were just emotionally drained from Game 1 which was a tremendous game and I'm not signaling the worry alarm just yet.  More on that later in the post.

Up first I was hit with another PWE from Jeff over at 2 by 3 heroes about a month ago.  With my work schedule and having two little ones I've been hard pressed lately to sit down and find some time to do a blog post.  The biggest obstacle/reason is I work midnight's.  So from the time I wake up till I leave for work my time is spent with my family.  Rarely do I have a free afternoon from the kids or trying to do work/projects around the house.  So that's why my posts have tailed off quite a bit these past few months.  Hopefully I can get into a routine of snapping some photos and busting out a post while at work a couple days a week.  One project I need to get into but its not at the top of my list is organizing my collection and dispersing some of my unwanted or non collected cards to free up some room.

Well enough rambling lets get to what Jeff sent over my way.

First up is two Hall of Fame pitchers in Pedro Martinez and Tom Seaver.

Next up are two shiny cards.  Who doesn't like shiny new things? Especially when they are in the form of baseball cards of your favorite team.  First up was a shiny David Wright out of Prizm and next up was a Zack Wheeler decked out in some pink chrome. 

Thanks again Jeff for the sweet PWE

Well the reason I'm not signaling the worry alarm just yet is that back when the Mets won their last World Series they did so in similar fashion in going down 2-0 to the Red Sox before winning it in 7 games.  Its so similar that the Mets lost the first game by 1 run and in game 2 to lost by 6 although they were at home and not on the road in 1986.  So lets see what happens.  Kansas City is a phenomenal team who just doesn't quit and just keeps hitting the ball somehow.  Here's hoping the rest of the games are like game 1, but with the Mets winning of course. 



Lets Go Mountaineers!!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

YA Gotta Believe

First off I thought the Mets were another year away from making the playoffs, but will gladly take making it a year early. I forgot what playoff baseball was like when it's your team. The last 2 years sure I cheered/rooted for the Pirates being they're the "local" team, but not my team. Now that the Mets are in it the other sports have taken a back seat to the playoffs. Sure I'll watch college football or the NFL, but if the Mets are on that's what's on the TV. 

Of course game 2 has the drama of the Utley slide which affected the game by allowing them to score the go ahead runs after that play. Game 3 just saw the Mets bats unleash some offensive power. Game 4 was just Kershaw being filthy. 

So here we are game 5 of the series pitting deGrom vs Greinke for the winner to face off against the Cubs. Do the Miracle Mets have another victory left in them or is this the end of it.  The Mets have never lost a 5 game series in franchise history so will we see history repeat itself.  I sure hope so. I'm sure it'll be all hands on deck for both teams if either starter struggles with so much on the line. 

Do we see another bat flip from Cespedes or another homer from Murphy or does another player step up that's been quite since the playoffs began. Do we see Duda finally tee off like he's capable of? Does Wright come up clutch like game 1? Or does Flores have another feather to place in his hat from almost being traded at the deadline? Or will it be someone else like Conforto, Granderson, or dArnaud. Time will tell but here's hoping the Mets march on to the NLCS. 

Here's a card that I picked up recently for cheap of Wilmer Flores who may be Game 5s hero or will he be the next target of an Utley takeout tackle. The card is from this years Triple Threads numbered /25. 




Sunday, October 4, 2015

Another eBay pickup

This post was written a few weeks ago, but I decided to give a brief update.

Well the Mets are limping into the playoffs in losing 5 straight and being no hit for the second time this season, which is the first time in history of the franchise that they have been no hit twice in a season.  Also, they had a goal of 90 wins this year.  Well as about 2 plus weeks ago I was saying theyll hit that an maybe even pass it.  After the past week it looks like they may be stuck at 89.

My eBaying has ticked up a bit with a bunch of Mets in releases so there should be some more cards to show off in the near future.  Plus I got the PWE again from Jeff over at 2 by 3 heroes which hopefully wont take me a month or more to post the goods.

Well here are some more pickups from Diamond Kings.  This time it is a Dilson Herrera mini and a Prizm auto.  They were both picked up for under 7 bucks including shipping.  Maybe he'll take over 2nd for Murphy whos been questionable at times in his ability at defense and turning the double play.