All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Trade: Off Hiatus Baseball

Sorry for the long post.

A few weeks ago I entered a random 2014 Museum group break with Cards Infinity on release day.  I was hoping to get the Mets being they are the team I personally collect and then I was hoping for Dodgers or Yankees being they had the most hits in the product and figured I could either trade them or sell them.  When it came time to do the randomization of the teams I ended up with the Tigers origanlly. I was disappointed a little, but then I thought there's some good cards to be had with Verlander, Scherzer, Cabrera, and Fielder. Well somebody noticed that there was one team left off the list. So we had to randomize again and this time I ended up with the Brewers. Sorry Tony over at Off Hiatus, but just then my heart sank even lower than before.

Well the first hit I got was a Canvas reprint of Yount. Then I got an Rickie weeks quad jersey patch. Then the next hit I got was a Jean Segura Auto jersey and the final hit was an Aramis Ramirez quad Jersey. All in all not a bad pull. Well my buddy Matt at Bob Walk told me he knew a guy that was a brewers fan an he pointed me towards Tony at Off Hiatus

I contacted him via the blog to let him know I had some cards that he might be interested in that I just got plus another card I received in the million dollar chase redemption.  I looked at his trade bait an saw he had a heritage Harvey black mini /65, but I saw it was already traded.  Tony loved the cards, but didn't know what he could possibly trade in return.  Well a few weeks went by and I saw he had posted about breaking a box of museum and I took a look at what he got and saw something that I'd be interested in. 

Well I emailed him saying I was interested in the hit, but he let me know he already had it on ebay. I told him to let me know if it didn't sell and it didn't an we worked out a trade for some cards along with a little cash. I'm happy I was able to get the Brewers cards into a fan of the team and was happy to get this in return.
I also received this jersey of Zack Wheeler that Tony had let me know he pulled a few weeks back.

He also threw in some older Mets cards back from my younger years.

 Thanks Tony for the cards and I'm glad you liked the Museum and Braun Coin card.  Hope we can work out another trade in the future.

 Well the NL East looks like it could be interesting this year with everyone beating each other up. 

Lets Go Mets!!!!!!!

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  1. Glad you liked the trade and I hope that you enjoy the Craig when you get it!