All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just a slow dribbler.....

Well the Mets took 2 of 3 from the Pirates to inch closer back towards .500. They look like a Jekyll and Hyde team on a daily basis just don't know what team will show up. At least they canned Valverde so he can't blow anymore games from the pen. 

I have been trying to get my oldest to watch some baseball games with me on TV to teach him some very basic things. Like what is the score, ball strike count, what inning an top or bottom. So far he's doing a pretty good job. Well this last Saturday we sat down to watch the Pirates Nationals game an asked him if he wanted the Pirates to win an he said yes. Well when the game came on he said he wanted the Red team to win an I told him that's not the Pirates. His response was hilarious which was I want the red team to win because the black team are the bad guys and they can't win. 

Today the Mets Pirates game was on locally being the Pirates are the local team so we watched a few innings. Quizzed him on some stuff he learned an did a pretty good job of getting the answers right. First thing out of his mouth was that he was their and wants to go their again. It's been 2 years ago that he was their and still remembers hitting the ball at Kiddie field and wants to do it again cause that's why he wants to go their to hit the ball again. Only if it was closer and not 6 hours away. 

Here is a card I picked up on eBay for just over 4 Bucks that I didn't have and have been watching for awhile but didn't feel comfortable paying 10 plus bucks for; So I'm glad I waited.

Here's a card that I'm currently watching on eBay and probably will not be acquiring being it is right around 60 bucks and still 3 plus days left to go. I would like to have this card, but not for the price it will probably end at. 

Sorry for all the rambling and check out my trade bait. 


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