All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Friday, May 16, 2014

Please Bear With Me...Lot's to Post and a Group Break

First off, I guess I jinxed the Mets with the video of the Teufel Shuffle after them taking 2 at New Yankee Stadium and then getting blanked both games at home.

Well checkout this link of My Cardboard Habit's to the details of a 2014 Bowan Chrome Jumbo group break.  Just to summarize the break it is 15 spots first come first serve choice of team and then randomize the second teams for $80 including shipping. As of now I think only 4 teams have been picked so head on over and enter the break.

Well I just got around to opening my package from COMC challenges and there was a nice letter explaining that I will be receiving another package in about 2 weeks being 3 of the cards I purchased were in their Canadian warehouse.  I purchased 20 '13 Triple Threads Amethyst and now I'm only 38 cards away from completing the set.  I guess I'll be checking out eBay for lots an COMC again for challenges.  If you have any on my wants list hit me up and would love to trade for them.

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