All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Trade: The Dutch Card Guy

A few weeks back I contacted Jeroen over at The Dutch Card Guy to let him know that I could help him out with some 2009 Allen & Ginter stuff that he had on his Want List.  I told him I also had some 2013 Gypsy Queen too.  I shot him an email with 4 or 5 cards off his trade bait that I was interested in.  Well I actually received this package a few days ago, but didn't have the time to go through it with work and tee ball.  Well last night I had some time to crack it open and it did not disappoint one bit. Here is some of the stuff he sent me.

Love the Carter and the Beltran.  Only if he would have swung at the Adam Wainwright curveball back in the 2007 NLCS his legacy as a Met would be much better.

Absolutely love the uniforms that Carter, Gooden, and Bonilla are wearing.  I think the Mets need to go back to those as I was always fond of those as a child attending games at Shea.  A little serious a Mr. Burnitz.  How about this deal, after being the highest paid player in baseball at the time of his signing with the Mets, Mr Bonilla is still earning a paycheck from them and will be until 2035 being he was released after the 1999 season and was still owed $5.9 million.  So instead of just paying him what he was due they struck a deal which deferred payment for 10 years and then he would be paid $1.19 million until 2035, not too bad a deal for not working.  The Mets always seem to do something crazy or dumb every now and then and this was certainly one of those times.

Here's a sweet Gregg Jefferies Auto which was on the list of trade bait that I liked along with this Delgado/Beltran.


And here was a nice surprise tucked in the middle a Chrome mini of Wilmer Flores.  Flores was signed as 16 yr old SS prospect and is currently one of the Mets top ten prospects.

Jeroen is easy to deal with and will make it well worth your while to strike up a trade with him.  So go check out his blog at The Dutch Card Guy.  Can't wait till our next trade!

Well the Mets haven't fared too well in their first 2 games in the Mile High city losing 4-7 and 3-10.  Hopefully tonight they turn it around and get back to their winning ways again.  

If your still reading at this point I still have 2009 Ginter and 2013 Gypsy Queen available to trade so hit me up if you need something specific and I'm sure we can work out a trade or something.

Lets Go Mets!!

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  1. Great to see the cards arrived safe and sound and you like them ! Thanks for the trade !