All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

BOX Break: 2009 Topps T206 and Case Break info

Well it was time for my monthly box break with Micah and our fellow blogger Matt(Bob Walk the Plank).  This time around it was Matt's choice to which box to bust and he chose 2009 T206 which was under 50 bucks and guaranteed two hits.  Micah's box was a little rough, but mine and Matt's was above average finally.  Everything from the box is up for trade and here are some of the better hits from my box....I also pulled a McCutchen rookie that I'll probably keep, but other than that they are up for trade.  Just shoot me a message in what your interested in.

Gold border of none other than the Sandman himself Mariano Rivera

Short printed version base cards of Campanella, Robinson, and Ramirez X2

Short printed mini's.  The top left is number /99, the Wagner is an Old Mill back and the bottom 2 are Polar Bear backs

Cubs Milton Bradley auto
Astros Miguel Tejada Game Worn Pants
Brandon Webb Printing Plate Black if I remember correctly

Head on over to J. Meeks blog HERE and check out the info in regards to a 2014 Bowman Jumbo case break with 40 autos per case.  It's a buy one get one.  So head on over to his blog and pick your team now and get a random team later and tell him Keith from The Home Run Apple sent you.

Lets Go Mets!!!  What a way to blow a game yesterday by the bullpen.  I see they cut Valverde and Fired Hudgens the hitting coach just after the game.  Glad to see Valverde go cause all he did was blow games for them.


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