All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Monday, September 29, 2014

A BIG Post and a Contest Pimp!!!!

First off let me say I read the blogs daily and look at all your comments on my blog, but just may not respond due to not having much time working an odd hour shift and having a 2yr and 5yr old at home and a wife who is not feeling well the past few months.  So I apologize that I'm not commenting and posting more.

Hopefully you continue reading past this CONTEST PIMP from the Cynical Buddha over at Collectors Crack in picking the World Series and some other tie breakers. So what are you waiting for get clicking and picking.  I did

Well the Mets finished with a record of 79-83.  I was really hoping for .500, but knew that Sandy's goal of 90 wins was pretty much unobtainable this year.  They showed that they can compete with the talent they brought up and called up throughout the year.  They are in desperate need of another one or two power bats for the corner outfield spots.

It will be interesting to see what the Mets do this off season in regards to acquisitions, trades, and free agenecy.  Their starting rotation figures to be a notch or 2 better with the return of Harvey and all the young arms that they amassed over the past few seasons.  Their number one prospect is also a starting pitcher in Noah Syndergaard who never saw the bigs this year and stayed at Triple A Las Vegas almost all year.  Travis d'Arnaud is a free agent this year I believe and they have a few prospects at this position also so it should make for an eventful off-season.

The bullpen had its up and downs this year, but Familia and Mejiia were pretty much spot on all year.

Lucas Duda surprised me this year with his 30HRs for the season.

Well I'm thinking of doing a contest and giving away some black bordered '09 Ginter minis amongst some other things.  Anybody interested in the black minis as part of the prize?

Well here is a card that I've been waiting for Topps to send to me for a few months.  It comes from this years Museum Collection and it is the first auto in my collection of Mike Piazza.  The card I received is a 2014 Silver Framed Auto /10 that came slabbed from Topps.  Probably one of the greatest if not the greatest hitting catcher of all time.


and till next year

LETS GO METS and YA GOTTA BELIEVE!!!!   2015  MLB Playoffs or BUST!!!!!


  1. That is a nice card my friend.

    The Mets may need to trade Syndegaard in order to get a bat. Free agent crop is so so.

    1. Thanks. I'd be fine with them letting go of Sundergaard. I think they have pretty quality arms in harvey degrom wheeler