All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Friday, September 5, 2014

Just Random Thoughts

First off I'd like to thanks Jeff over at 2 by 3 Heroes for sending me another stack of Mets cards that I need to find some time to post about.  I also need to go through a trade package that I received from Dennis at Too Many Verlanders a few days ago.  Sorry Dennis for taking so long to get your package out; it is going out today(Friday).

Well I finally found the time to sort another set I'm chasing and will post my needs another day.  The set I'm chasing is 2012 Archives and I will probably go after base and SPs except for the one super SP.

Well after watching bits and pieces of the NFL game the Seahawks look nasty again on D and looks like the could repeat as champs.  Unfortunately for me I had Rodgers and Lacy on my fantasy and that didn't pan out so well, but I did have Harvin and Hauschka for Seattle.  Hopefully, some of my other players can step up Sunday and offset the Rodgers and Lacy performance.

Another hobby or thing I enjoy is craft beer.  Well here in WV the choices are pretty sparse, but luckily for me when I travel to see my family in NJ the selection is plentiful so I usually stock up and bring some back.  As I'm typing this post I am actually enjoying a nice Sixpoint The Crisp from Brooklyn.  I enjoy their other brews too especially one they call Resin which is a lovely hoppy beer.

Well lets bring this back to cards, sports, or both shall we.  I'm going to post a little tease of a card that I will be showing off sometime in the future. 




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  1. I had some good beer while I was in NC.