All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Food for Thought

Let me just start off by saying it is 3am yet again and I just got out of work about 30mins ago and figured I'd bust out a blog post before heading to sleep being I'll be awake probably by 8 due to the kids. Wait who am I kidding it's gameday.


Well first let me start off by saying my wife had one of the coolest OB/GYNs that anyone could ask for. You're probably scratching your heads going yea right whatever. Well let me explain. The first visit with him while my wife was pregnant I had on a Mets hat or t-shirt and it came to be that he was a Mets fan also and grew up in NYC. So the first few minutes of every appointment that she had while she was pregnant he'd talk to me first about the Mets and baseball on general. My wife just chuckled and said she needed to find a new Dr.  This went on for both pregnancies. I know most guys dreaded going to the OB/GYN but I somehow lucked out I guess. Small world. Also found out some pretty neat things too from him, but that'll have to wait another day. 

Well our first son was born late 2009 and our second mid 2012. Neither of those seasons were to good for the Mets. One appoint we got talking about how frustrating it is to be a Mets fan as of late especially after two collapses in a row and one of those being a historic collapse. He got to explaining in his opinion how a baseball season is really only about 62 games that mean anything.   He said that the best teams only lose about 50 games and the worst teams win only about 50 games. So it really only comes down to about 62 games that mean anything. Cause he said you can pretty much automatically give everybody 50 wins and looses it's what they do with those other 62 games that matter.  Unless of course your the 62 Mets and go 40-120 and the 2003 Tigers and go 43-119.  Let's hear your thoughts and opinions on this?

Well the mets beat the Braves yesterday to get one game closer to the proverbial .500 mark and I believe they are only 7 wins away from achiving that mark. I'm hoping they can hit it this year and make a run next year with their pitching. 

Well here is one key bullpen piece in Jeurys Familia who has been pretty stellar in his setup role. And to follow suit is his 2013 Topps Chrome auto card. 

Well Goodnight and here's to a Mountaineer win





  1. The Padres would have to win their final 9 games to reach .500 :( I'll quietly pull for your Mets since at least one of us has a chance of breaking even.

  2. That's an interesting statement for the doc to make. The Hawk from ChiSox broadcasts has said for years that each team will win 50 and lose 50. It's how you play the other 62 that determine your season.

    And BTW - somehow I can't imagine him chatting to you about the Mets outfield while he's....well......"gyno-ing up" your wife. HAHAHA!

  3. I learned the 50 - 50 - 62 concept a long time ago from an older friend. He applied the principle to life in general.