All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Monday, February 9, 2015

Will the Hall Ever Call?

Good Morning all. Just a quick post this morning before I head off to bed being I just got done with work. Yes I work midnights or the overnight schedule for my job. 

Probably wondering by now with what's that title all about. Well it has to do with one of the players on the card below that I just got in from eBay this past week. It is also the first auto of his in my collection and it was picked up quite cheap an easy    on a best offer. 

Let's go over some quick stats of the below player before I reveal his name and card. His career average is .296 and he batted over .300 7 times in his career and is eligible for the hall since 2011 on the Veterans Committee after being retired now for 20 plus seasons. 
Career highlights and awards
Anyone have any guesses who the player Im referring to is? Yes no? Well here's a little bit more info he appeared on Seinfield an was accused as being the spitter by Kramer and Newman. 

Give up or do you know who it is?

It's Mex himself Keith Hernandez. Sorry for the dark photo. At least he signed completely on the sticker. 

The other guy on the card is Casey Kotchmn a top 100 prospect back in the early 2000s with the Angels. He was ranked as high as 6 on that list. After spending 4 years with the Angels from 2004 to 08 and being in the bigs with them from 06 to 08 and he never spent more than a year with a team once traded at the end of 08 and finally retired in 2013 with the Miami Marlins. Too bad he couldn't stay healthy from his bout with mono to recovering from mono to being beaned in the head by Russell Martin an needing stitches in a pick attempt at second. He did does hold the record for most consecutive putouts without an error at 2379. 

Well that's all I got for now and keep an eye to the blog as there is more incoming mail from ebay along with a few posts about box busting and maybe a few packages that I receive in the coming days. 

Have a great workday. 

This guy is out.  Zzzzzzz



  1. It will be hard for him to get in. Voters like big time counting stats for first baseman and Hernandez doesn't really have that. In his peak years he was a .300 hitter and probably one of the best defenders in baseball, but that won't get much emphasis since it was first base. He falls just short of what is considered average WAR for first base Hall of Famers too.

    What he does have going for him is that he was one of the most identifiable players in his era. Some voters put stock into that.

  2. I don't think he gets in. Offensive was not good for the position like you said only hit 190 something career homeruns had a walk rate of 12% which shows he was pretty patient an not free swinging. Definitely defensive minded and aggressive at first. I remember how he would stand far off the bag being he was quick. He also stood in foul territory during pickoffs so he could tag easier. What also hurts him was his admitted use of coke ad distribution to other players. Definitely fit the image of the Mets back then and the motto of party hard play harder.

  3. I view Keith as being on the bubble; I'm not sure he belongs, I won't kick if he's inducted.

    As a Mets fan, I'll throw in an extra 2 cents (even though you didn't ask) and say that I would not retire his #17. Team hall of fame? Absolutely. Retired number? No way. There are only so many numbers, and they should be retired only when it's absolutely unthinkable that someone else wears it. 14 guys have worn #17 since Keith and during that time nobody attempted to burn down Shea or CitiField, so I'm comfortable with declaring it "not unthinkable".