All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Series 1

First off I apologize for any mistakes in this post of any kind as I should be asleep already and I also shoveled our driveway after being up since about 2pm yesterday. It doesn't help that I've had some brewskis(about) while shoveling either or I should say almost beer slushies being they were freezing as I was shoveling. It has been well below normal temperatures and even dipping into the negative temps and with -10 to -20 plus windchill I guess that will happen. Should be drinking a higher alcohol content beer to prevent that. 

Well well well now back the the actual topic of this post. Series 1 is upon us for about a week now and it looks awesome. 

Someone was quick draw McGraw or Johnny on the Spot and I missed out on Nachos Grande group break this time on grabbing the Mets.  From what I can tell and if my memory serves me correctly this early or late(HEY I work overnights) the one big hit he pulled was a David Wright coin stamp card for the Mets. Still a pretty cool card that I would have liked to get but probably will not chase. I guess I need to be quicker on commenting on Nachos group break posts going forward. 

I debated on buying some jumbo boxes and/or blaster boxes along with some rack packs but haven't pulled the trigger just yet. I have bit the bullet and purchased the base set off ebay and I'm still debating on if I will chase any of the insert sets this year. 

Well being it is well past my bedtime even though it's 8am EST I leave you with this wonderful card from Series 1 and as far as I know this is his first auto in any product albeit a sticker auto at that. 

2014 GOLD GLOVE WINNER Juan Lagares. Just the 3rd Mets outfielder and 10th overall player in the teams history to win one and the first since Beltran and Wright in 2008. 

Signed at age 17 by the Mets as a SS and converted to and outfielder and made his debut in 2013. Will more than likely be the leadoff hitter this year. Hopefully he works on his plate discipline and becomes a base stealer here very shortly because he definitely has the defensive tools to become an excellent all around player. 



  1. Awesome card!Lagares Is a beast out there In center.Hopefully he'll hit enough to warrant him a full time position. I ,for one, feel he should start everyday,but we all know Met mgmt. can be finicky.

    1. Thanks. Don't see how you bench a gold glove winner but with the Mets anything is possible. It'll be interesting to see how he does as leadoff.