All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Box Break Part 1

Time for a catchup post on the last few box breaks with my buddies Micah and Matt from over at Bob Walk. 

Awhile back in our monthly box breaks or there abouts we busted Topps Chrome which was pretty lack luster all around.    The autos as you can see below definitely fit that description to a T. 

Next up and just this last break Micah chose Bowman Chrome which didn't fare much better other than he hit a refractor of Tanaka numbered to 50. I'll let the cards speak for themselves and let you be the judge on my box. 

First up the autos. YUCK

Next up the inserts and parallels an refractors. 
As always most are available for trade. 


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