All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jaybarkers Fan Pacakge

Awhile back good ole Jaybarkers blog was giving away some football cards being he was thinning his collection. I happily chose the Giants and a week or two later up showed a nice little package.

The package consisted of cards from the 80s up until the current year. First up is a nice relic of Manningham who helped the Giants win their second super bowl over the Pats with another spectacular catch. I kinda miss the 80s unis Rodney an Johnny are rockin from back in the day. How bout them shoulder pads too on Mr Perkins?
Next up is a card numbered out of 6 of TE Brandon Myers who only played for the Giants 1 yr. the odd thing about this card is that it covers every team he has played for because he currently plays for the Buccaneers and prior to the Giants the Raiders. 

Next up is probably my favorite card of the package. More on that later. Wish Jeremy Shockey wasn't such a hothead and he'd probably would have stuck with the Giants. Definitely was an outstanding TE. Next up is a pretty lackluster photo from stadium club of William Roberts. The best card of the stack sent is definitely the hamburgler or I should say the most generous blogger around. 

Thanks Wes for the stack of cards and will be sending you some autos for your project. 


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