All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's That Time of Year....Baseball is Back

AAaaah can you smell that....the fresh cut grass and freshly manicured fields ready for pitchers an catchers to report and beginning workouts for those teams that have reported. And to those that will be reporting over the next few days welcome back.  

The Mets pitchers and catchers reported today and most have already been in Port Saint Lucie for the past week or two if not longer already working out. 

The Mets rotation looks pretty much set for this year barring and setbacks or injuries of Harvey, Wheeler, deGrom, Colon and Niese. It appears the odd man out is Dillon Gee and will be sent to the pen. 

Matt Harvey is back. It'll be interesting to see what the Mets do with him coming off Tommy John surgery. It's sounding like he won't pitch till the Mets open at home and they'll shut him down some in the middle of the year just incase they would make the playoffs and not have happen to them like the Nationals and Strausburg. Still need to get an auto of his. 

Now for the rest of them it'll be interesting to see how they produce. Can Wheeler turn the corner and become a dominant pitcher like they had hoped. Can Niese stay healthy this year for the whole season. Will Colon continue his success? 

The biggest question other than Harvey's arm is sure to be NL ROY Jacob deGrom. Will he continue where he left off? I expect to see some regression but not much. Looks like he has the potential to be a quality starter for some time to come and hopefully that holds true and the Mets rotation can be pretty nasty for some time to come especially with the younger arms on the cusp of being called up. And with that I leave you with this beauty of a card from Series 1

Baseball is back 


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  1. You finally bit the bullet and got a Degrom. Why didn't you go low numbered National Treasures?