All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Sunday, March 22, 2015

TRADE: Fantastic Catch

I hope everyone is enjoying March Madness so far this year. I'm sure a few brackets really went up in a blaze when Villanova lost. Lets pencil in Virginia here too adding a bunch a fuel to the fire. I had them making the sweet 16 but not going past their. Hopefully this is the start of the ACC dropping some teams out of this years tourney. Here's to the Mountsineers beating the Terps and making a run to the Sweet 16 to knock off the Kentucky Wildcats.  Unfortunately I'll be at work and forced to listen to it on the radio. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled post

Wes from over at Fantastic Catch reached out to me about the Kolten Wong auto I pulled from last years Stadium Club. A few quick emails and a trade was easily made. 

I received this package about 2 weeks ago and now am just getting a chance to show it off. I'm using my break from work to type this on my phone. Below you will see some of the cards that he sent in a Pitchers heavy package. 

First up is some color. 

A nice gold Harvey. Hopefully he can pick up where he left off prior to TJ surgery. I still have to try an get my hands on an auto of his. I'm sure he'll be on some sort of innings cap this year.  I heard talks of limiting his innings mid year or shutting him down few weeks just incase they are in contention for a playoff spot so they don't have what happened with the Nationals and Strausburg his first year back. Next up is a Dice-K red who is now back in Japan pitching after a 2 yr stint with the Mets. Next up his Johan who pitched the first No-No for the Mets and is currently with the Blue Jays on a minor league deal I believe. Maybe Harvey has a No No in him. Last of this group is a blue Miller Diaz. Don't know too much about him other than he is at the single A level and is projected as a middle reliever if he can hone in some control issues. 

Up next is the Captain himself Mr Wright followed by an UD mini of The Kid. Some more gold with RA Dickey and Brandon Nimmo who his trying to crack the big leagues.  Many teams passed on Nimmo as he is from Wyoming and didn't play as much ball as the kids from the South. He was a first round pick back in 2011 and would probably fit in to one of the corner outfield spots if he would make it to the big leagues. 

Last card of the package is none other than a 77 Tom Terrific or The Franchise. I wonder if this was from his last game pitched as a Met before the Midnight Massacre that sent him to the Reds.  
Thanks Wes for the great trade. 





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