All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Redemption Received

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and got what they wanted along with some cards or memorabilia.

I am behind, strike that way behind, actually strike that too....I am way way way behind on posts and breaks and updates.

If my oldest ever has school this week I'm hoping to get caught up on some posts, but being the past few days the temperature hasn't cracked higher than 15 degrees and with the wind chill at or below zero most of the day he hasn't had school.  As I type this it is currently 11 degrees at feels like 1 degree.  Needles to say trying to keep two kids entertained through out the day is a tall order and prevents me from getting some posts done and caught up.

Well a few weeks back I made a trade with Andrew over at Need More Cardboard for a redemption card for a relic of Tom Seaver and David Wright from series 2 that you can read about here.  Well much to my surprise I actually received the card rather quickly about a week or so ago from Topps.  I figured it would take a while being I've never seen the redemption on ebay.

So without further ado here is the card I received from Topps. Pretty sweet patch of Captain America and a nice chunk of wood from Tom Terrific. This is the first relic/auto of Mr Seaver in my collection and hopefully more to come.

I still have a few redemptions still outstanding from Topps that hopefully get filled soon. 

Here's hoping in the next week or so I can post about some packages I received and the bix of stadium club that I busted a few weeks back that had two out of the three pretty good players. 

I'm still deciding on a wallet card and will definitely select one after I go back through a package I got of some 80s and 90s Mets. 



  1. Wow awesome card!!! I'm glad you got it so quickly! I was worried you may never get it since neither the card or redemption had ever shown up on eBay or COMC.

    1. Same here. I actually thought it was another one of the redemptions I've been waiting on for close to a year now, but was happy when it was this one.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I'm still amassing a bunch of stuff to send your way

  3. Very nice looking card, congrats!

  4. That patch rocks and I love pitcher bat cards.
    Cool piece.