All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Friday, January 16, 2015

Brads Blog Return Goods

A while back I opened a box of '12 archives and ended up pulling a Bob Boone auto which I sent over to Phillies collector Brad at Brads Blog. I ended sending some other cards along too which escape my memory as of the moment.

A few weeks back I ended up receiving a package from Brad that included the following cards. 

Here's a nice Heritage of soon to be Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez. 

Next up is some early 90s cards. I remember my buddy would search the 91 Fleer by pressing on the side of the wrapper an fanning the cards some to see if they had a insert /hit in it. They were nothing big, I think a sketch portrait print if memory serves correctly. Good ole Bobby Bonilla another bad deal for the Mets who is still on their payroll I believe and had the largest contract at that time. Must be nice to still bring in a paycheck without working. 

Next up is an auto of Michael Fulmer who was drafted in the first round by the Mets in the 2011 amateur draft and is currently a top 20 prospect in the mets system. He lost time in 2013 due to a torn meniscus and is currently in AA with Binghamton. After doing a little more research found out he played HS ball with Dylan Bundy. The last line off the overview I read said he doesn't have Bundys upside but has what it takes to be a big league starter. We all know how pitchers pan out so time will tell plus the Mets rotation and future call ups look pretty bright in the very near future.

Final card I received is a Kirk Nieuwenhuis auto from Chrome. Kirk is the odd the man out as an outfielder in the Mets system. He is probably the 5th outfielder with the Mets signing Mayberry Jr this offseason. Kirk was called up an sent down 4 or 5 different times last year due to injuries from the starters and has been with the Mets organization since 2008 I believe. He played football for a short while at the University of Colorado as a RB before giving it up when he realized the guy standing next to him was 6-2 200lbs as a kicker an thought to himself what was he getting into. The kicker he was referring to was Mason Crosby of the Green Bay Packers. 

Thanks Brad for return package and look forward to our future swaps. I have picked up a few cards on eBay and will show those off once they arrive and I was lucky enough to get a hit in Nachos Grande last group break which I will show off once it arrives too. Hopefully I can start posting and acquiring more cards in the near future. 


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