All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Goods from Nachos Grande

Just about a month ago Chris from over at Nachos Grande posted a group break over on his page.  I decided to partake in the group break which consisted of 2 boxes of this years High Tek, a box of this years Stadium Club, a box of 2013 Panini Triple Play, and a pack of 2013 MLB Chipz.  Also, included in the break was a guarantee of hit from Chris's personal stash if you went hitless and a huge pile of cards from the team or teams you picked. 

I probably will not be buying any boxes of High Tek myself being there is only 8 cards per box with one auto.  I will be however chasing some of the autos out of this product and have to chase one less now because of this break.  I already opened a box of Stadium Club and probably will open some more if the price drops for daily specials.

Well I received my priority box Friday or Saturday and couldn't wait to receive it being I got a hit from one of the boxes opened, but more on that later.  First in the box was a NY Mets pencil which instantly reminded me of my younger years of first and second grade when all the kids had themed pencils.  Needless to say this pencil was swiped by my kindergartner to use for home work.  I didn't get to snap a picture of it before it was swiped.

Next up was some good old 80's 90's and 2000's cards from the Mets, which probably consisted of close to 200 cards.  Some of the cards I remember collecting as a kid back in the late 80's and probably still have the binders at my mom's house full of them.  Time to make a mental note for the next time we visit to try an locate them an bring them back.  Here are a few actually just 4 cards from the stash that Chris sent. The classic late 80's Topps of Hernandez, 90's Donrus of HoJo, a late 2000's of an UD Tom Glaveine running the bases, and a Heritage rookie card of Philip Humber who pitched a perfect game for the White Sox.
Next up are some sweet custom mini's from Chris's friend Ryan.
      What a sweet mini of Kevin James really getting into it.  I knew he was a Mets fan from his time on King of Queens.
Next up is none other than a sweet mini of Mr Met and Mr Harvey.

Next up is the man responsible for the break and the guy responsible of creating these unique an wonderful minis.  I've seen Chris's card show up on other blogs before and now have one of my own.  From the picture it looks like Ryan the creator of these cards is a Mets fan sporting the good ole throwback 80's away uni.
Now onto the Panini Triple play and Topps Stadium Club.  Pretty cool to get to rookie cards from Stadium Club and a Tom Terrific.  I hope to one day have an auto of Tom Terrific and quite a few lately have slipped right thru my fingers.  Hopefully d'Arnaud continues where he left off after being sent down to triple A to find his swing because he came back swinging the wood pretty darn good.  As for Flores he was a top prospect for the Mets who supposedly has a good bat and will be the starting SS for now.

And now onto the hit that I got from this break.  No it wasn't a hit from Chris's collection.  It was a hit from the second box of High Tek.  The hit was a base of auto of The Captain himself David Wright.
This card is gorgeous and absolutely love the look of High Tek.  Topps could have gotten a little more creative by changing up the picture on the back of the card to not being the same exact one on the front of the card.  I would love to chase the autos from the Mets in this product since I already knocked one off the list and would only have two more to go.  The two I would have to get would be Zack Wheeler and Mike Piazza from the base autos.  I believe Wright and Piazza have insert autos as well.

Chris thanks for doing this group break and will keep an eye out for any other group breaks that you do.



  1. Thanks for participating - it was a lot of fun (and I loved pulling the David Wright auto - super nice looking with his number inscribed)! I'm thinking about doing a 2015 Topps Series 1 break - check my blog Friday morning and let me know if you like any of the possibilities.