All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I've Been Nominated for a BIP Award

Just a few days ago I saw Suzys post from A Cardboard Problem for the 2014 BIP Awards and clicked on the link to see what it was all about. As I scrolled down I came across different categories that she had setup to vote on. The list included nominations for best Blog, rookie of the year, industry news source, most generous blogger, best non-baseball blog, best non-sports blog, best recurring subject, best Twitter feed, and best Instagram feed.  

I was shocked to see my blog nominated for Rookie of The Year Blog. A BIG THANK YOU to whoever nominated my blog for the award. I encourage all of you to check out that post an vote. I'm not as active as I would like on the blog nor am I as in depth and as detailed I would like unlike some of the other blogs in the blogosphere.

I started the blog back in the end of March just as I was getting back into the hobby and figured it be a good way to meet other people. My buddy Matt from Bob Walk the Plank kind of nudge me to start the blog being he started his a few months earlier.  At the same time I along with Matt from and our buddy Micah started busting a box of cards about once a month. It's been great to get together like that an talk sports an have some beer too. That's another thing that I enjoy is good craft beer, but thats not what this blog is about.

I was surprised not seeing Matts Bob Walk the Plank nominated for any categories. I believe he should be in the ROY category as well and would probably have easily walked away with the win. He probably could also fit in the generous blogger category as well. 

Well here's to spring training which starts backup in just over a month and probably just about a month away from pitcher an catchers reporting. 

Hopefully this year allows me to trade more and post more too along with add to my collection. 

Good luck to all the nominees

Lets Go Mets and Lets Go Mountaineers!!!

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