All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Friday, December 19, 2014

Get in on this GROUP BREAK.

Checkout Nachos Grande Group Break with HighTek and Stadium Club along with some other goodies. Link is below.

First off I've been slow to post an get trade packages and PWEs posted as everyone other than myself has been under the weather in the household for the past 10 days. Hopefully I don't get it and can bask in the glory of being sick free. 

Well hopefully next week I'll be able to do some posts and get them done where I can at least post every few days being life won't be so hectic due to the oldest kid not having school. 

Topps really impressed me with a redemption I just entered in the last week or two being I already have it in my possession. Now if they could only fill my other 3 redemptions. Still waiting for about 7or 8 months on one an the other is a 2013 redemtpion that I entered a few months ago. The third I just entered today and probably will get pretty quick being I believe the card has already been returned topps. I do need to showcase my Stadium Club break that I did a week or two ago. Phew life has been crazy hectic. 

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