All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Trade That Didn't Work With Some Cards Anyways

Well this is post is the most painful one to date for me. I let a deGrom auto slip through my hands though nobodies fault but my own.

Judson from over at MY CARDBOARD HABIT pulled a deGrom auto out of an update jumbo rack pack. I reached out to Judson to try to work out a trade and it just didn't work out. Judson if you read this and still have the card maybe we can strike a deal. I may shoot you an email in the next week or so an see if you have the card. 

Well a few days after my fumbling the trade he asked for my address to send me some cards. Judson did not disappoint with the cards he sent my way. 

First up is a manufactured relic of Seaver. This is my first Seaver relic albeit manufactured in my collection. 

Up next is another manufactured relic of David Wright. Love Mr Met

And finally he send me a Dice-K photo variation SP. It appears he didn't pull an AJ Burnett and bunt it off his face

Judson thanks for the cards and if I pull any rangers in future breaks I'll keep you in mind.

I have a couple more trades in process of people reaching out and just got hit with another PWE.

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