All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Well Well Well

Just got home from a few hours of work and flipped on what channel? MLB Network of course to catch some of the highlights from yesterday's games. 

How bout that video selfie by the Dodgers fan catching the HR ball. 

How bout 2 games ending via baserunners being struck by batted balls. Giants beat the Angels and Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks. Last time a game ended that way was 5 yrs ago.

Well the Mets loss to the Nationals 1-0 Saturday and it was the first time they've been shut out all year I believe. Well as I was typing this post it came across the ticker that the Mets were the last NL team this year to be shutout. At least they're scoring and hitting this year so far.   Kinda curious what they do with the middle infield situation. Flores definitely has had some issues and I expected some errors but not to the frequency he's making them. Same goes for Murphy. I do believe the Mets middle infielders have a combine error total of 16 which leads all of baseball. SMH. At least Juan Lagares is still flashing the gold glove leather still this year. 

Well hopefully the Mets can pull off a victory today and split the 4 game series with the Nationals and keep their lead in the NL east. 

Ok ok enough about crazy POV HR catching selfies and quirky stats. It's time to show off a card. The card I selected is this 2014 Fivestar silver signatures of Zack Wheeler. Picked this one up pretty cheap being he's another pitcher to undergo Tommy John surgery. Was expecting his continued success this year after last and hopefully this little detour/roadblock doesn't prohibit or hinder him. Well enough my my rambling and babbling here is the card. 

Lets go Mets and Ya Gotta Believe!!!

Lets Go Mountaineers!!


  1. Mad props to the guy who video recorded himself catching that ball. I keep telling myself that one of these days I'll catch a home run ball... heck I'll even take a foul bowl at an MLB game. Like you said... Ya Gotta Believe!

    1. I give the guy huge props. Even heard vin scully do the play by play but can't remember exactly what he said. I have one foul ball from back in the 80s off of Strawberry that my dad caught at Shea. Been to a ton of games since an havent even come close to another. My son got one in between innings a few years back thanks to an usher and the ball/bat boy at PNC Park