All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Friday, May 1, 2015

Help it's the Attack of the PWE and a Group Break

Well as most of you can guess from the title that this post will feature some cards via a Plain White Envelope and the one that seems to keep bombing me is the gracious Jeff from over at 2 x 3 heroes. 

First let me pimp a Nachos Grande break. This break features a box of 2015 Gypsy Queen, Museum, Opening Day, Museum, Bowman Chrome, and Draft Kings. So head on over to here and check out the teams remaining. Still a bunch of good teams left Dodgers, Yankees, White Sox

Now we return to are regularly scheduled post. Jeff from over at 2x3 Heroes sent me 2 PWEs, one fairly recently and the other a few weeks back that I've been meaning to post.  Well life got into the way and I've combined the 2 into 1. He sent a bunch of nice stuff an color and below is just a small sample of what he sent. 

First up is a first career HR manu relic of David Wright from this years Series 1 and who looks to be coming off the DL in the very near future.

Next up is some shine of Matt Den Dekker with the Nationals and a prospect of Camarena who I don't know much about. 

Continuing with the shine is some beautiful purple Heritage of the 2 big arms of Harvey and deGrom which is out of 566 if my memory serves me correctly along with Cesar Puello who has cleared waivers an is still with the Mets. 

Thanks for the PWEs Jeff and be on the lookout for a envelope headed your way in the next few days. 


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