All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Sunday, August 24, 2014

TRADE: Cardboard Conundrum

Well life's still throwing me curves and hasn't left one hanging just yet so my posting has been quick and far apart, but found some free time this evening to get a post done.  I still read the blogs daily, but don't have much time to comment or post being it is primarily done from my phone.

Well this trade started back in the middle of July when I was on vacation in Canaan Valley.  I was reading  Matt's page over at Cardboard Conundrum and saw he posted a Stedman Bailey relic auto /49 available for trade.  So I scrolled down to post that I was interested in it, but Bob Walk the Plank already commented on it that he was interested in it.  Well I put a comment out their that Matt from Bob Walk the Plank beat me to it yet again, but he graciously bowed out and let me get a trade going.

So here is the card that I got this past Monday or Tuesday and just now found some time to snap a picture and post it in all its glory.

Too bad he is suspended the first for games due to violating the leagues substance abuse policy being he was being thrown to more at the end of last season.  Hopefully he comes back and preforms lights out when given a chance.  I can remember some unbelievable catches he made while at WVU with Geno Smith and Tavon Austin.  Here's a video highlighting some of those catches.

Well college football is upon us and nothing like opening against Alabama for your first game of the  season.



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