All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

For the Love of the Game

Well, my love for the game of baseball was instilled in me by my father many years ago.  From playing catch and attending Mets games whenever possible to the occasional Yankees games with Little League or one of my friends parents scoring box seats and invited me to tag along. We also took a weekend trip to Fenway Park with my brother in tow to see the Red Sox play the Brewers.  I love the game of baseball and still cherish it to this day, but don't have as much time to follow it like I would like or to attend games.  I guess that's what happens when you work midnights like I do.

The Little League World Series is upon us and I try to follow it and keep informed in what is going on, but that hasn't happened much due to personal reasons which hopefully take a turn for the better.  I did see the clip of the coach from Rhode Island talking to his team after their loss.  That speech is what Little League is about and hope more coaches follow suit.  Below is the clip of the speech if you haven't seen or heard it. 


After hearing that it got me thinking about my Dad and what he might have said to his team after placing 3rd in 1971 Senior Little League World Series(Team picture below).  I'm sure his speech was probably very similar to the one above knowing the kind of man and coach he was even being only in his early twenties at the time.  I remember playing for him years later and seeing him coach other kids and not once do I recall him screaming or yelling at a kid playing the game for making a mistake.  He was a teacher of the game and even helped coach girls softball when asked by a friend of his for a few more years.  I wish he was still here to experience the joy his grandsons get while playing the game or attending a MLB game.  Unfortunately he was taken from this world too soon back in 1995 and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. 

Well the Mets need to win the next 30 out of 34 to hit their 90 wins and I dont for see that happening as of the way they have been playing lately.  I'd like to see them finish at .500 which would mean winning 21 out of the next 34 games which is obtainable.  Being the Mets vs A's game was the MLB game of the day it meant I got to watch the game on my iPhone.  One part during the game even Keith Hernandez was stating how badly they need a bat for the future and to try and get to .500 this year to build for next year being they have the young arms for pitching.



  1. Hard to get a good bat unless they are willing to unload one of the big arms....

  2. May have to do it if the deal is right