All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Thursday, October 15, 2015

YA Gotta Believe

First off I thought the Mets were another year away from making the playoffs, but will gladly take making it a year early. I forgot what playoff baseball was like when it's your team. The last 2 years sure I cheered/rooted for the Pirates being they're the "local" team, but not my team. Now that the Mets are in it the other sports have taken a back seat to the playoffs. Sure I'll watch college football or the NFL, but if the Mets are on that's what's on the TV. 

Of course game 2 has the drama of the Utley slide which affected the game by allowing them to score the go ahead runs after that play. Game 3 just saw the Mets bats unleash some offensive power. Game 4 was just Kershaw being filthy. 

So here we are game 5 of the series pitting deGrom vs Greinke for the winner to face off against the Cubs. Do the Miracle Mets have another victory left in them or is this the end of it.  The Mets have never lost a 5 game series in franchise history so will we see history repeat itself.  I sure hope so. I'm sure it'll be all hands on deck for both teams if either starter struggles with so much on the line. 

Do we see another bat flip from Cespedes or another homer from Murphy or does another player step up that's been quite since the playoffs began. Do we see Duda finally tee off like he's capable of? Does Wright come up clutch like game 1? Or does Flores have another feather to place in his hat from almost being traded at the deadline? Or will it be someone else like Conforto, Granderson, or dArnaud. Time will tell but here's hoping the Mets march on to the NLCS. 

Here's a card that I picked up recently for cheap of Wilmer Flores who may be Game 5s hero or will he be the next target of an Utley takeout tackle. The card is from this years Triple Threads numbered /25. 





  1. Maybe the Mets will trade Flores mid game and he breaks down crying again....That should catapult him into hero status if he hits a homerun.

  2. Go DODGERS !!!!
    ... hopefully history does not repeat itself for you guys.
    Looking forward to a great game

    1. Last time the Dodgers squared off with the Mets in post season was '88. Game 7 of the NLCS was not kind to the Mets. Here's to a good game and deGrom dominating.
      Let's Go Mets and Ya Gotta Believe