All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lets Go Mets and Ya Gotta Believe

Well after losing Game 1 of the World Series as they did.   I was curious to see how the Mets responded in Game 2 which didn't go so well either.  Hopefully they were just emotionally drained from Game 1 which was a tremendous game and I'm not signaling the worry alarm just yet.  More on that later in the post.

Up first I was hit with another PWE from Jeff over at 2 by 3 heroes about a month ago.  With my work schedule and having two little ones I've been hard pressed lately to sit down and find some time to do a blog post.  The biggest obstacle/reason is I work midnight's.  So from the time I wake up till I leave for work my time is spent with my family.  Rarely do I have a free afternoon from the kids or trying to do work/projects around the house.  So that's why my posts have tailed off quite a bit these past few months.  Hopefully I can get into a routine of snapping some photos and busting out a post while at work a couple days a week.  One project I need to get into but its not at the top of my list is organizing my collection and dispersing some of my unwanted or non collected cards to free up some room.

Well enough rambling lets get to what Jeff sent over my way.

First up is two Hall of Fame pitchers in Pedro Martinez and Tom Seaver.

Next up are two shiny cards.  Who doesn't like shiny new things? Especially when they are in the form of baseball cards of your favorite team.  First up was a shiny David Wright out of Prizm and next up was a Zack Wheeler decked out in some pink chrome. 

Thanks again Jeff for the sweet PWE

Well the reason I'm not signaling the worry alarm just yet is that back when the Mets won their last World Series they did so in similar fashion in going down 2-0 to the Red Sox before winning it in 7 games.  Its so similar that the Mets lost the first game by 1 run and in game 2 to lost by 6 although they were at home and not on the road in 1986.  So lets see what happens.  Kansas City is a phenomenal team who just doesn't quit and just keeps hitting the ball somehow.  Here's hoping the rest of the games are like game 1, but with the Mets winning of course. 



Lets Go Mountaineers!!

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