All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Collecting Goal

Well the Mets have been tanking lately after winning 8 of 10 before the break. Was hoping that they could at least make a little run in the east, but I guess not maybe next year. Card buying and busting has been slow so not too much to show off lately. 

This past Sunday I got a text from fellow blogger Matt at Bob Walk The Plank asking if I was interested in heading out to watch the Pirates game.  Haven't seen him in awhile and figured be nice to get him an I out of each of our houses.  Well it was good to get out and just throw a few back and talk sports and cards. 

I think I'm going to start a new collection goal of autos of MLB players born in New Jersey. I know it'll be tough to do being Trout and Jeter are pretty big stars from their and I'll end up paying a hefty sum, but a Jeter auto would be nice to have being we were born in the same town and hospital.  Just off my head I know of Frazier, Leiter, Porcello, and E Young and EY Jr .  Plus I'm pretty sure their are a ton more that I can't think if at the moment. 

I'm still trying to complete the 2013 Triple Threads amethyst set and only need 18 or 19 more cards to complete the base set. Looks like I'll be checking out eBay, COMC, and some other sites to pick the remaing few cards. 

Well here in a few days I'm headed back to my roots the Jersey Shore for vacation so I'll be sporadic with posting and no there will not be any fist pumping with this guy. At least this vacation I'll have cell service.  



  1. Go big or go home. You are now a Trout super collector!

  2. I have a similar project... collecting players from the Bay Area. Baseball Reference should be able to help you put together a list... here's a link:

    Best of luck on your project!

  3. Thanks Fuji. Only have 418 names on the list. Will be a fun task though.