All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Nothing like some drama to start the weekend off. 

I'm talking to you Scott Boras and Matt Harvey. 

Who has had some pretty interesting headlines in the NY Daily News and Post. Now being called The Dork Knight and Harvey Dent/Two Face and Harvey Pulls a 180 to ACE HOLE!!(nice play on words)

Now this is coming from the guy who wanted to pitch a year ago at the end of the year and his agent and Alderson said wait till this year. Then he whined and cried when the Mets said we are going to a  six man rotation to preserve innings. And now he pulls this BULLSHIT with a just about a month left that he has a cap of 180 innings after the Mets tried to cut back his innings and he bitched and moaned. 

I know one thing the next 3 games are huge for the Mets being they're against the Nationals and having lost 2 of 3 to Marlins and having their lead cut down to 4 in the NL EAST. I hope this isn't collapse 3.0 for the Mets who haven't seen the post season since 2006. The next few games can turn the ship around or cause an all out panic if the Mets get swept. 

Plus it'll be interesting to see how this whole Harvey innings limit pans out. Mets are saying they had a soft limit of about 190 innings not including post season that everyone was on board with at the beginning of the year. 

I know one thing is if the Mets make the playoffs he better pitch or things will be really fun to see. Like he's been saying all along he wants the ball and you have to rip it out of his hands. Well live up to what you say. 

Some people are saying that it shouldn't be about innings count but more about pitch count. If that's the case he's sitting and just above 2400 pitches for the year and compared to another Borass client Strausburg was around 2800 or 2900 pitches when he was shut down when the Nats made the playoffs his first full year back and he didn't play at all in the post season 

Sorry no cards this post but have some stuff that I need to get scanned so I can get some posts done that are way over due. 





  1. Scott Boras is a cancer. Plain and simple.

    1. Yes. His interest is his back pocket. But this just hit a while ago. He will pitch in the postseason. The irony of the link is its Jeters project

  2. I get what Boras is doing. His only concern is Harvey's long term success. His downfall is that he can't keep his mouth shut. Although his running his mouth my be good publicity for his business. Players will see him going to bat for Harvey and his long term earning potential.