All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Saturday, September 12, 2015

eBay Pickup

With all the is going on I haven't had much time to get on eBay.

I have seen some of this years Diamond Kings and really like the mini Relics and have picked up 2 so far.  Their are a bunch of cards on my watch list that I would love to have if I had unlimited funds or I was single again and didn't have kids.

I picked up this Travis d'Arnaud mini relic a few weeks ago for pretty cheap

Well the Mets are 6.5 up with about 10 games left and looking to limp into the playoffs and currently have a magic number of 5 to eliminate the Nationals. Especially after going 3 and 6 against the Marlins Braves and Yankees. Luckily the Nationals are sucking too at this point and not helping their cause in chasing down the Mets.  I'd say Matt Williams I'll be dismissed or relieved of his duties come this off season.  

They are playing for home field advantage against the Dodgers who id much rather face away from the friendly shadows of Chavez Ravine. 



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  1. You need to stop worrying about your family obligations and buy more cards. Priorities!