All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Great Customer Service

As we all know some companies have good customer service, others have bad customer service, and others have excellent customer service and go above an beyond.  Well today I experienced excellent customer service with Julbo which is a sunglass company. 

Let me paint the picture of what happened and made me call Julbo.  Having a 4 yr old an soon to be 2 yr old some fights and disagreements break out every now an then.  Ok more often then not.  Well one argument broke out over the sunglasses and one of the arm pieces was bent and so was the screw.
From the first associate to the last one I talked to they actually sounded like they cared and were happy to be at work and help the customer.  The first guy I talked to said they could send out replacement screws no charge, but he would transfer me to someone in warranty and parts.  He actually filled the person in that I was transferred too.  Well this person went above and beyond and said that this was model was discontinued which I figured might happen being they were about 2 yrs old, but she would check the stock room and if she had them they would be $10 for the part.  Well she came back and said she found the part, but they were used, but virtually new and would send them out no charge.  Sweet saved 10 bucks and got the sunglasses fixed.

Sorry, I know not baseball related.  Lets get baseball involved.  Well a few months ago I opened 2 boxes of Triple Threads baseball and one of the cards was separating from itself.  The front of the card was pulling off the back.  Called Topps and had to send them the card an UPC.  Worst customer service I experienced it was like I was bothering them.  I had no phone call or communication once they received the card and was never told how it would be replaced.  One day a random package showed up from Topps and just had a card in it.  No letter no note no nothing so I figured it was to replace the card I sent them being it was the exact same card, but different serial number.  Still don't know to this day.  They just went on eBay and bought the card being I came across it when searching a sold listing.  We all now how poor Topps is on redemptions and updating redemptions and replacement redemptions.  So I won't even get into that.

Well the Mets take on the Cubbies and heres to Zack Wheeler getting a no no tonight.

Lets Go Mets!!!!


  1. Topps is like that old poster about Apathy on If we don't take care of the customer, maybe they'll stop bugging us.