All Things New York Mets

All Things New York Mets

Monday, April 13, 2015

Just a Quick Update

Looks like their was 22 people entered into the giveaway. I wrote down all the names and gave credit for pimp post. I will double check quickly this afternoon to make sure my tired eyes didn't miss or forget anyone being its about 2am Monday morning and I'll be at work for a few more hours. I will enter the names into the randomizer and click it 3 times being that is how many games the Mets have won this year. If by chance their game is over by the time I do it I will add a click if they win. Their will also be 3 winners for the same reason and will pick in the order provided by and again if the Mets game is over by the time I do this I'll add the fourth. 

So Good Luck and winners should be announced on the blog by 5pm. 

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